Intended kidnapping victim shoots his way out of ambush by 5 attackers


My gosh! Another good guy with a gun? What is this world coming too.
There are just too many good guys out there. I think we should ban self preservation.

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Not to sound too pessimistic, especially since the police questioned and released the defender…but WHAT exactly lured the man to the home of the teens? That part sounds kind or sketchy (I’m having flashbacks to Chris Hansen’s To Catch a Predator shows).


The original news article tries to make it sound like the kids were innocent.

According to police, upon arriving at the address, the individual was threatened with a bat and a firearm…

911 calls released today tell a different story of the scene that night…

Um, no. Pretty much tells the same story.

I thought it was interesting that the neighbor didnt hear any gunfire.

Follow up to the story! Yes, it was a drug deal gone sideways (I am shocked)

“He described a situation where they discussed getting to a subject to a house on Oregonia Road, luring him to the house and then kidnapping him, taking him back to his house, stripping him and robbing his property at his house,”

Wong said Cox was parked down the road when he heard the gunshots. “The individual turns and sees Mason about to strike him with a bat and shoots Mason, starts backing up, Mason continues, he shoots Mason again, then tries to flee the area,” said Wong.

“They knew that the person with the drugs was known to be a gun person, someone that carries a weapon, and clearly, for an ounce of marijuana, nobody wants to lose their life,” said Rion.

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OK, more details, and is written much better than the other articles.

According to the sheriff’s office, the plan involved luring a person – the shooter – to 1869 Oregonia Road, whom the group intended to kidnap and rob. Instead, a gunfight ensued, with the shooter firing a gun he’d brought to the residence, wounding Dean and killing Trudics.

Wong describes Cox as “the driver.” Carmack was allegedly the one who called the shooter to lure him to her house at Oregonia Road, and on the phone he told her he would bring 1½ ounces of marijuana.

Back at the house, Wong said Dean and Trudics were armed when they tried to rob the shooter, Dean with a gun, Trudics with a bat. Trudics allegedly ran at the shooter and sustained his gunshot wound as the shooter fired at him. Dean then returned fire and was also shot.

So basically the shooter (victim?) who I assume is male and probably a teen (or close to it), is lured to a female’s house (who is a teen) and is supposed to bring marijuana. The original plan was to rob him of the MJ, take his stuff, and kidnap him so they can get more of his stuff (these “students” sound like lovely people). At some point some of them get cold feet about the kidnapping part, so some of them are in the car when this all goes down. It will be argued whether or not they really were trying to exit the situation (lol) or were just sitting in the getaway car.

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