Homeowner shoots all four armed men who broke into his house — two of them fatally. Surviving suspects face murder charges for accomplices' deaths


Law biding home owner and gun owner 1, Bad guys 0.


Did I just hear, good guy wins? We have to wait for all the facts! Depending on the state, all four, probably got the “wrong” house, so they are innocent, and the dead guys, well, they get to vote come January 5th.


I hope more details come out later. The homeowner was pistol-whipped before he fired back, so I’d like to hear how they invaders got in and were able to put hands on him, but he was able to get away enough to get to and use a firearm. Would also like to hear where other folks (the 4-yr, any others?) were in the house. And, of course, how many rounds were fired.

This will probably get filed by anti-gunners as a mass shooting (4+ people shot) :roll_eyes:


Home invasions are for real. Girlfriend was confronted a couple of years ago. The guy had a knife but did not want to tangle with her. He was later shot trying to do a car jacking. Be diligent, be safe and train.


Everything in these times depends on the judge; his party affiliation and who he was appointed by.


It’s all rigged, we are the “ham sandwich”, what we should teach our grandkids NOW, it was the demented ones who started the war. Freeing prisoners and making crime legal.

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Karma! That and Smith and Wesson!

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I think the score is "Homeowner 2 " or maybe, “Homeowner 4”… lol

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