Home Invasion Robbery, Pasco County Florida

Home Invasion Robbery, Pasco County Florida


A couple of takeaways for me…

  • Reading a few articles, the victim apparently shared his firearm collection on social media. Initial thought…don’t advertise, keep social media private to only those you know.

  • Intruders were “stacked” in the hallway. Leads me to believe they were attempting to move tactically(ish) through the home…disregarded the fatal funnel, and learned the hard way. I’m guessing something they picked from a video game, playing paintball, or random YT video. Lesson learned by the intruders…respawning at the driveway doesn’t happen playing at the “real-life” difficulty level.

  • Homeowners firearm jammed…have a contingency plan.

  • Neighbor wasn’t fooling around, either. Detained surviving intruder until LEOs could take over…well done.

  • Surviving intruder now faces two homicide charges in addition to home invasion robbery. Culpable for deaths during the commission of a felony crime. Good.

  • Sheriff feels the homeowner acted responsibly, hopefully the DA sees no different.


Hopefully the home owner is not charged for 2 counts of murder and more. Shooting is to be remembered when using a firearm in a home invasion, it can go terribly wrong. I only read the earlier facts and my training gave me direction in what not to or to do in this case. Just a thought I got.

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I’m not sure I track what you’re saying. Can you elaborate, please?

Is there anything specific that would lead you to believe the homeowner would/could be charged with murder?

What do you mean by: “Shooting is to be remembered when using a firearm in a home invasion, it can go terribly wrong”.

The hero of that story was known by the intruders, and the hero shot and killed the armed bad guys, (2) that were in the hall way or house. They all had bad evidence of wrongful doings and the hero killed two of them wounding one.

This is a story that all the facts are not in, the police have arrested men and wrongful facts can destroy and damage other people. This can led to people shooting at will anyone and home invasion was not the motive. Need all true facts, not the basics or lies. Please read about Self Defense, Home Invasions, Protect your family-friendly, and please look at some written scenarios on Should I Shoot.

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Yes, the relationship between the perpetrators and victim could be an interesting dynamic. I would be curious as to how they may have known each other.

As far as home invasion not being the motive, the actions taken fall within the definition of home invasion. I suppose one could argue their intent after making entry. However, in my opinion, once they entered the home and the homeowner identified them as having firearms themselves, pointed in his general direction he was under no obligation to interpret their motives for anything less than a threat of imminent death or great bodily harm and chose to stop the threat.

I’ll be interested as to how it all plays out with the State. Thanks for the input and references. :+1: