Inexpensive safe/cabinet light find

Just a note. I recently purchased a gun cabinet, and was looking for options for lighting. I didn’t want a project (too many already), so I was looking at battery options. I ended up purchasing the Commercial Electric 3.2 ft. Warm White Under Cabinet Light with Battery Operated Motion Sensor and ON/OFF Button at Home Depot for $15.

It comes with a motion sensor, on and off switch, and a motion sensor to manual switch, already has a sticky side for taping up, and velcro on the controller (takes 4 AAA). It gives me just enough light to comfortably see what’s in the cabinet (installed on top and running down one side). Although I could purchase one more, I don’t need it. Great inexpensive solution for $15 and 30 seconds install time.

If I were to do anything differently, I would have stuck the LED strip 1/4"-1/2" away from the corner since the door’s lip blocks a tiny amount of light spread.

Sorry, no pics, as I don’t like to post pics of my firearm(s) on the internet, and the cabinet is pretty full now.


Great idea @Scotty!

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