Bed Side Flashlight?

Looking for a big light that doesn’t break the bank.

I am thinking of picking this one up from Costco.

Duracell 2500 Lumens Variable Focus LED Flashlight w/AA Batteries

My only concern is battery drain. It also takes a lot of batteries, but AA are also super common. I already have a little cheap one by the bed side, as well as an plight weapon light on the HD gun. I like the idea of a big light that’s very bright. #1 it’s useful for a number of things, and if someone does snoop around the property, I hope a powerful light will be enough to make them scram.


Calculate how many times are you gonna use it.
I’ve got a similar flashlight sitting in my kitchen, used in case somebody is sneaking around the house or one of Family Members wants to spend some time in the backyard.
Flashlight is using 3 AA batteries and these last for about 4 - 5 months, so the cost is very minimal.


Nancy and I have several good lights on our nightstands and I check them once a year to change battery’s. The light you mentioned should do fine for occasional use. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m having this same conversation on another forum. I keep a small Mag-Lite XL200 by the bed, Harbor Freight lights all over the house because they’re free, and a few other nicer onces around for various jobs. Unless power is out and will be long term, all of my flashlight use cases are short duration.


I don’t know anything about this particular light but in general I’m not a big fan of variable focus lights. When focused for close range they generally don’t reach very far. When focused for far the light often only covers a very tight area often with a weird looking square beam and you get no wide angle light for seeing were your feet are going.

Sometimes there is a middle setting that works ok for short and long but the sliding head never seems to stay in that position so you end up fiddling with it a lot which you don’t want to do when you hear a bump in the night. A good light with a good single reflector will project a beam a long ways but spill enough light to the sides to see in a wide area closer up.

You also can’t judge light brightness by lumens. Reflector design has a lot to do with how bright a light appears. I have seen good 200 lumen lights that are effectively much brighter than cheap 1000 lumen lights. Also be careful using a light that is too bright indoors. You can mess with your own vision when the light reflects off of light colored walls or especially mirrors.

I’ve had good luck with Fenix lights. Their mid and upper grade models are relatively affordable ($30-$100), durable and bright and come in a range of sizes and battery options. The couple I have are in the 700 to 900 lumen range at max setting and can easily light up a football field and beyond. I usually turn them down a setting or two for indoor use.

I also have a 100 lumen Fenix AAA key chain model I’ve been carrying for almost a decade and have dropped more times than I can count.


I’ve got the Rodney King maglight…six d cells.It has multiple uses…ask Rodney he knows…lmao.


Look for a rechargeable light that drops into a charging base. Your batteries will always be charged. All you will have to do is pick it up and you are good to go.


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Big Surefire fan, however this type of quality and durability is a bank breaker, not to mention a skull cracker!
Attached to key rings and one in nightstand! Use mine almost every day, whether searching in and around my vehicle at night or random bumps in the night at home.
Lights up to 100 yards.
Use it on the range before sunrise, cuts through fog pretty good as well.
It is a $200.00 investment.

Buy once, cry once!
I try to live like that, because one day my life may depend on it!


I’d like to recommend:

  1. Made in the USA
  2. Forward clicky on the tailcap with momentary on for soft press and locked on for a full press (or momentary only)
  3. Single output or one with multiple outputs selectable on the side so that you don’t scroll through brightnesses with the rear clicky

They are Chinese, and yet, surprisingly effective equipage not many other companies were offering when LEDs and Lithium-Ion batteries collided. You’ll need to look to the likes of Surefire and their competition for comparable build quality and specification. Olight.


Found the biggest issue with many push button lights is switch failure. I like maglite, if the batteries are good I have never had one fail and they hold up. Too cheap to buy olight or surefire, however seeing all the “glowing” (pun intended) recommendations I may do so.

Buy a Streamlight. Protac 2-AA

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One flashlight I’ve flown the world with as a pilot and found and still find useful around the house is a mini Maglite with a red slip on filter Why? It preserves night vision while a fireball in a pitch dark room is going to hurt the eyes of everyone present until the pupils can adjust.
Now that’s not a bad thing if it is a perp’s vision and you can direct the beam at the perp’s peepers, otherwise there is a chance of putting yourself at a visual disadvantage.
My thoughts anyway. Ymmv


IMO- good to have small bright flashlights for inside the house. I have a small ( hot spot ) light on the fridge. I have flood lights on at night that light Up the vehicles and the barn. The spot light comes in handy for seeing any dark spots in the yard and down the street for a city block. It’s rechargeable. I lucked out this time.

PS: I like the on off button on a flashlight to be on the end for easy acquisition.

I love Olight. My most used flashlight is a small plight I got for free when I ordered my HD gun Light. It is bright as heck, super small, and only takes one AA battery.

The hard part of me is cost. You get what you pay for, BUT flashlights to me are like sunglasses. I prefer cheap ones because I lose them or break them. I would like to get a larger olight or surefire someday, but I’ll cry at the thought of $150-$200 for a medium flashlight.


@Scoutbob I have posted this site before but very good lights for much less.


If you have a Rural King near by check there they have some reasonable high lumen lights.

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Here’s what I have.

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Streamlight 88054 ProTac HL USB 1000-Lumen Dual Fuel Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight with 120-Volt AC/12-Volt DC Charger, Removable Pocket Clip and Holster, Black

Fantastic light. $113.00

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I’m happy with the Streamlight I carry it’s been reliable everyday for several years now. I lost the clip it came with which is a bummer because I would clip it on the bill of my cap when feeding the livestock after dark. It’s dual fuel so it works on a single AA or is twice as bright with a single 123 battery. I think they are $40 or so now.