Indiana: the anti-gun bills have started

Its spreading. Now coming to Indiana.


This is ridiculous!


So if I were to give my 20-year-old sons a firearm, I would be a class 6 felon in IN? That’s not cool.


This is why we need small government and not have so many people trying to play politics when they never even took a Political Science class much less understand the meaning.


Yet another state going after “high capacity magazines” or anything greater than 10 round magazines, and banning a product that Trump already banned in “multi-burst trigger activators” aka bump stocks. Banning the sale or possession of a firearm to anyone under 21 is/was being challenged here in Michigan. There was a lawsuit filed against Dick’s when they took this stance and refused to sell to the nephew of a local gun store owner, not sure where the case is.


The anti-gun folks are feeling their oats.

Same kind of bills have been prefiled in Missouri, and Pennsylvania and also Ohio I think.


I watched that yesterday. Have yall heard about the proposed bill in VA pertaining to indoor gun ranges? Absolutely ridiculous! :triumph::angry:… Anything to INFRINGE on the 2ND to create a utopia that will never exist. :v:t5:


@DLVick38 - I missed it in the first reading of the bill, but if you read the bill carefully, it applies to ranges with 50 or more employees… of which there are exactly 2 in VA… One of them being the NRA headquarters range.
:thinking: :angry:
Hey VA-D’s target specific businesses much? :triumph: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Fired off this evening to my Senator…

I’d like to voice my strong objection to Senate Bill 203 and would ask that you also oppose the Bill in the General Assembly as well as gather support from other like minded Senators, who believe and support the Constitution of the United States, in opposing the Bill as well.

This Bill does nothing to enhance the public safety of Hoosiers however does greatly infringe on our Second Amendment Rights.

Statistics show that a majority of the people who commit crimes with guns under age 21, have obtained those guns through illegal means.

Studies have shown that restrictions on magazine capacity have had not effect on gun deaths or gun violence in States such as CA, NY, MA.

Similarly, turning semi-automatic rifles into “prohibited weapons,” as this bill does, would also do nothing to reduce gun violence or death as according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics they are used in a mere fraction of a percent of gun incidents across the Nation despite millions of them being owned and used daily by law abiding citizens for legal purposes to include defending themselves in their own homes.

I implore you to speak out against this unreasonable and ineffective attempt to control Hoosiers and infringe upon our Constitutionally protected rights to defend ourselves.

Thank you for your time and consideration,


Let’s some common sense will rule the day in our General Assembly.


Gun Control is People Control, nothing more.

gun the power belongs  to the people elite know this so they divide us to remain in control


You’re right and interesting… The NRA Range? I don’t believe in coincidence.


Update for Indiana, seems this was a “rouge” small contingent of State Dem Senators that were trying to ride the VA wave. To read the public responses, they misjudged the temperature of the room. I have not heard back from my Senator yet, but I did hear from my Representative who says that it is “very unlikely that it will pass the Senate” (his words) and that in the unlikely event it does as a “staunch 2A supporter” he will be fighting to ensure it does not pass the House of Representatives. Glad I voted correctly in 2018.

So we shouldn’t take our eye off it, but it doesn’t seem like it has much chance.

I wonder if it were simply introduced as a publicity stunt of sorts to provide the media ammo on a National level that this sort of legislation is common place and gaining support when it really is not. :thinking:


IN update Final on SB203:

I heard back from my Senator this evening advising me that:

This particular legislation failed to move forward in committee this session. Since it did not move forward in committee, it could not be heard by the entire senate floor nor could it be signed into law by Governor Holcomb. However, should this issue come before me again in future sessions, I will keep your comments in mind.

So yea!!! The bill didn’t even have enough support to advance!!! HOWEVER…….I’m more than a little underwhelmed by my Senator’s response of “should this issue come before me again in future sessions, I will keep your comments in mind.”

I don’t know that I was expecting a 2A speech, but the response from my State Representative left me no doubt that he was a full supporter of the Constitution and the Second Amendment.

However, unless my Senator meant that she would keep my comments in mind as responses to her gun grabbing peers on the other side of the aisle, I still have question marks on my Senator. :thinking:

I shall be watching her legislative activities with great interest this point forward. :face_with_monocle:


that sounds like the right plan. Safe for now, but keeping a weather eye.