Income tax= guns

So income taxes are right around the corner!!!

You know what that means!



How do I go about going online to purchase a Gen 5 Glock 17 or Glock 19 to get shipped to a FFL dealer?

Only reason why I’m asking is cause I’m interested in doing it before Biden takes it away!

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Very simple. Find an online seller. There should be a Tab or Drop Down Box that says something like ‘Find A Dealer’.
If your LGS is listed, pick them, pay, and notify LGS to watch for it. You will probably have to pay them a transfer fee.

If no dealer in your area is listed, go to your LGS and have them send their info to the online store. Then go back to step 1.


Click on the area I circled in RED on the upper right corner of

Other sites should have similar, if not, just follow the one above to find FFLs in your area.

I don’t relate to the first part of your post, income tax time almost always means I have to chough up more money to sent to the government :upside_down_face:

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Most online retailers partner with local FFLs. Review and select a retailer and create a profile. Once completed, search for “find a FFL” or something similar. I recommend contacting at least three FFLs to confirm whether they’re still associated with the said retailer and if they are accepting new clients. Once you select the FFL of choice most likely there will be an option to add the FFL to you profile. This will save you time and prevent the possibility of losing the chance to purchase. Inventory is moving quickly. You could miss the opportunity to buy if your affairs aren’t in order. Good luck.

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Wait… I’ve heard that gen 5 Glocks will have discounted price after January 20th… :wink:


Another way to do it is talk to your favorite local gun retailer (they will have to be an FFL if they’re selling guns as a retail outlet) and get their contact information. You can have a gun shipped to them and give them some business.

A lot of smaller retailers are being hit hard right now because they cannot get the inventory in. Going through them for the transfer can help them get through this difficult economic time.


Different FFLs in my area charge more than 50% more than others for the transfer fee, so it is a good idea to either call them or check on their website to trade off price vs. convenient location.

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Are you on friendly terms with any gun stores or ranges in your area? Most of them will be FFLs and can receive your online purchase. I normally check in with my local range or gun store before purchasing online to give them a chance to meet or beat the online price. When you factor in shipping and FFL fees, most will be able to come close. You get to support a local business and build goodwill.

The only issue these days is stock availability. Make sure they can get your firearm within a specific timeframe. Not doing you any favors to beat the online price, but not knowing when they will get it in.


I’m not really any friends with FFL’s I only bought one gun from one place, and I haven’t been to a FFL range since last year.

Then it’ll be down to cheapest online retailer and cheapest local FFL. Here in FL, that usually means a pawn shop.

That’s where I go, it’s not only the cheapest, but also the closest.

Use one of the searching engines to find your local FFL dealer:

Then go to online store, buy whatever you like and do shipping to FFL dealer address.
To link the purchase with FFL, print your order out and email or call the FFL dealer to notify them about the purchase.
Once your item arrives to FFL dealer, they will call you to schedule pickup.
FFL dealer also tells you if any paperwork is required.