Best place to get hard to find fire arms

Hello all. Just joined USCCA and I’m glad to be a part of something awesome! I’m posting to see if anyone has any insight on finding “hard to find” fire arms. I specifically am looking for a Glock 19x , but I thought it might be a help to others to share info and outlets.




Go to an online site such as Quick search and they have 31 different auctions. Look for a buy it now and you dont have to wait for an auction to end. Prior to that, check with your local gun shop about doing a transfer as you will still have to have it sent to a FFL. Another option would be to use the FFL finder to find one. It has been my experience that sometimes gun shops can get a little grumpy about online transfers as they see it as a missed sale. So, find your FFL, find one on gunbroker, pay for it, have your chosen FFL send a copy of the FFL to the seller, wait till it arives at your FFL, fill out the paperwork as you do for any other firearm purchase, pay the transfer fee, and you are good to go.

There are other sites too such as gunsamerica, buds gun shop, etc.