If you were "Red Flagged" -What would your actions be?

@David38 You must be a FD David. Well you know what I’m saying then.

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Grew up with a best friend whose family was in the business. learned a bit about what it was like, at least socially.


Got you. I understand.

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If I were red flagged, I would have to deliberate with the voices! Abe is usually trust worthy but Carl always tells me Abe is lying. Barb doesn’t say much but when she does it’s really loud and I can’t hear the others. If they are all quiet and I can hear the ringing I know they are up to something and it’s gonna get ugly.
(Just a little fun in a serious conversation :upside_down_face:)


My legal advice would be to comply with the law. The police are doing their job. It is not worth fighting and getting additional charges, broken bodies or killed over.

This is a war that needs to be fought in the courtroom, not the street or in your home.


So that’s where Barb went! Jimmy and Ursula always said she ran off with a guy named Mike, but I wasn’t sure until now.

PS: watch your six, man. The Warden has been pissed ever since she got away and he’s going to want her back.


I agree. This is still a legal battle and belongs in the courtroom and the legislature. God forbid it ever degenerates into a shooting war.