If I have an FOID in New Jersey, can I get an Airsoft gun shipped to my home?

I’m looking into what my legal options are for airsoft if I move to NJ. With ammo prices being insane I think airsoft will be a neat training aid in some ways

Sorry I’m drawing a blank

I think you need to search NJ regs for that. Might want to contact a local LEO where you’re moving to.

I wasn’t aware that states outlawed toys like airsoft also…

I’m originally from NJ and still have family there and airsoft/BB guns are considered a firearm in NJ. I’m not sure how you would go about getting one shipped. My brother’s father-in-law tried a few years ago and was told they would not ship it to him. Considering it’s a toy in sane parts of the world, I don’t know if they will ship a toy to an FFL or even how that works in NJ. I got out years ago before the crazies took over.

I’m not sure about all states but NY and NJ do. It’s crazy. I got one when I was 14 years old in Upstate NY. My dad had to buy it because I was under 16 but that was it.