Non-resident shipping hg to NY FFL

Hi, wasn’t sure where to post this.

I have a friend who inadvertently shipped his legal pistol from CA to NY when moving. I thought he might be able to disassemble and ship it back to CA for proper FFL transfer, however that doesn’t seem workable, and he’s kind of stuck.
Would it make sense to travel to KY or NH and have an FFL do a transfer to NY, or put it on consignment?

Appreciate any help, and if this is the wrong forum please move.

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Where does the friend currently reside?

Is the gun at the FFL in NY right now?

Did you mean to put KY or NH and if so, how do they fit into this?


Welcome to the family brother @fred88 , glad you could join us. I travel with mine on me so you know I have to drive. Someone will have the answer you are looking for, just give it a little time.

This sounds to me like it physically moved across country under the radar.

FYI disassembled or not , it’s still a firearm and two wrongs don’t make a right.

CA and NY are nightmare states.
Try to explain better what happened and wait for further advice.


Yes, it was placed in the moving truck from CA to NY, with the assumption he could just get his NY permit and be good.
The thought was to drive to KY or NH simply because they have no permit handgun laws, and thus could be officially FFL transferred to NY.
PA also seems to be more sane, and closer.

In the end though, if getting an official transfer requires getting it back to CA, wondering if he can just travel to one of those States and simply put it up for a consignment sale?

Appreciate the help folks.

It sounds like this firearm is illegally possessed in NY. I figure that’s a felony there.

Complete honesty, if I were this person, I would either immediately consult an attorney for advice on what to do, or immediately and completely destroy the firearm in question. Choose based on cost/value of the two choices. But that’s just me.

Sorry for the delay.
Yes, it is not a good situation.

Was going to suggest he disassemble it and mail a few boxes of parts back to CA with the exception of the serialized frame.
Doesn’t sole the problem, however it clearly would not be a functioning firearm.