If I gave you $1000, what carry gun would you buy?

Let me make this clear, I am not giving way $1000. :smile:

If I gave you $1000 that you could only spend on a new concealed carry gun, what would you buy?

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Does the $1000 have to go solely to the carry gun?

Lol!! No, however it does have to go to gun related items.

Well. For the $1000 gun. I’ll go with a Kriss.

Otherwise, a pair of these…

Not a fan of glock but these felt nice. I got to handle it before the dealer did. Dealer opened up the shipping box they came in…

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If it had to be a gun and gun related accessories, I would go with a Sig P320 Carry in 9mm. 2 holsters and as many extra magazines that I could buy with what’s left.

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A Kimber K6s DASA with a 3 inch barrel, a pair of speedloaders, and a custom holster from Savoy Leather. The rest of the cash would go to Underwood for some 125 grain XTP ammo.

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I’d stick with what I have now, HK VP9. That’s pretty much what I spent initially on the gun, holster, ammo, two extra magazines etc.

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I need a BUG, so maybe a Ruger LC9S with all the accessories.

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I’d buy an FNX 9, and that’s around 600$ after tax, a crossbreed supertuck holster is 60.75$ with my USCCA discount, 1000 rounds of ammo off ammograb is around 200$ after shipping. That’s about 850$.

The rest of the money I would use to take you and yours to get some pizza and range time with myself and @Kelly. I know you said guns only, but pizza and shooting would be the least I could do if you gave me 1k!

What would you get @Dawn if somebody gave you 1k for a carry gun?

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This is a tough one. I already have two carry guns that I like very much.
I have had my eye on a couple Kimber 1911 style guns, and the Barretta 92fs. Although, if I know myself the way I think I do, my next carry gun will probably be either the P365, P320 X-Carry, or the Glock 43X, unless something new comes out by the time I decide to change.


Oh boy. I don’t know how to answer this. Too many!!! My top wish list is the Dan Wesson Bruin. The $1000 could go towards it. Still have to save up. But, to make a pick for gift of a grand I’d say…Bond arms Bull Pup. MSRP is $1099, most retail in the $900 range. I think this little pocket carry is intriguing with its chambering system. https://goo.gl/images/i5zJnu

@James pizza and range time with @Dawn and family sound good to me. As long as there’s cheese garlic bread! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My wife, @Kelly “commandeered” my G43. With some Tarin Tactical magazine extensions it was a great little gun. I really cannot say enough good about it. Especially if you have bigger paws like myself. I shot the Sig 365 and that gun is also outstanding. The handle is a bit small for me, so I could see issues with fumbling it if I needed to draw and shoot. But it was a great firearm none the less.

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Probably a Sig P320 or Glock 19 but most likely a Kimber Ultra Carry. I’m like a woman with shoes when it comes to pistols.

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Did you try the 12 round magazine? It extends the grip nicely.

Yeah, but the problem for me was how narrow the handle is for my hands, but I’m also a gigantic person. I think Sig designed the gun extremely well, and in my opinion, I think it’s better than a lot of micro pistols on the market today. 12 rounds in a gun that small? That is superior engineering, for sure.

@James, do they have different size lowers for that platform. I know they do for the P320 and they’re insanly cheap. Just a thought.

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I think I would go for a Beretta 92G, or if not available get a 92fs and convert to a g then a holster and range ammo


That is a tough one cause there are so many choices, but I would have to say the Glock 43x or the Sig P365. Mainly cause there are small firearms, but hold 10 rounds.

His and her G43 sounds good to me. Send the check to me at …

Hmmm :thinking: that’s a very hard decision to make