I Will Not... Unless I Must

100% false, like the rest of your posts here.

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99% of people who carry dont ever want to use their weapon. We just want to go thru our lives unhindered. The burden of the remote chance of maybe taking someone life is heavy. The bullet travels for months and even years if you take a life, even in self defense.
At the same time we are prepared to defend ourselves even knowing what can happen if we do so. Over aggressive DAs who have a political agenda will use every means they have to put legal gun owners who act in self defense in jail and ruin their lives. To carry is a choice not to be taken lightly. You have to be prepared for the aftermath even if its a good shoot.


For those who haven’t learned from experience,RickeyC.

My retort was “flagged”,but to reply I said,
the mere presence of a man can deter aggression,
very few women can do that ma’am.

I don’t believe your palaver either,Dave.

I would disagree with you on that, @Rick46. Many women I know can defuse a situation as quickly and as well as a man.

Let’s use the example of open carrying. Some people believe that it’s a deterrent, while others say it may aggravate the situation.

The same can be said for a large, “intimidating” male. While some believe he may be a deterrent, others will want to challenge him and that can aggravate the situation.

How someone carries themself and their training will play into defusing situations more than their body size.

We all have different training and experience levels which will play into the situation.

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Interesting choice of word. Sorry, but you are wrong, yet, again. You do not have to believe me, nor anyone else here, and, obviously, you do not, your ego won’t allow it. However, it is obvious that the rest of us here do not appreciate your demeanor, nor your demeaning women.


Somehow all of us family members here have had a mother or still do and would not have her referred to as weak, not strong enough just because she was a woman. I leave you with this “ Forgive him father for he knows not what he does.”


You are absolutely correct,in certain situations,but I was speaking generally
and tried to make that clear. But"name calling" c’mon,I referred
to her as “Sugar” just to be cute.I’m sharing many years of
experience for the enlightenment of all,I hope.

Thanks,a nice sentiment,but I do know
what I do ,Johnny.

I knew I would find objectors,in fact,hoped to.Dawn just wrote
what I would have added,but I try to be succinct-good word,huh?
I’ve been reading poetry lately and my vocabulary has increased.

I advocate the use of "Billy Clubs"for police.
I often bring a cane when I can’t “carry”,like in
court and airports to enhance my defense,
if need be.I go to Mexico every year.

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Thank you, my friend! And by the way, if I neglected to welcome you, I offer a huge WELCOME, and thank you for being here.

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The original post was very good, It’s a challenge for all of us to maintain the strength of will to protect when we must and, guard against being rendered useless by hesitations because the environment has become hostile to those willing to bear that duty and responsibility. Even for services or actions where deadly force is not a consideration the threat is still there. In Mountain Rescue it was always about medical liabilities, or the lighter equipment we used because it had to be transported, sometimes many miles by foot, before use. We always knew that in order to save a life, miles away from the nearest ambulance ( let alone ER ) we might have to do something that would be very critically examined by tens of people who were not there. Many of whom had little respect for us, and would be glad to “take us down”.

My point is that this post was about the strength of mind, even in the face of those who will want to judge you harshly, that has to be maintained in order to rightly bear the power to help others, and to protect, when it’s often a power we paradoxically have to hope, and make every effort, to never use. Like our armed forces, who must train to become skilled war fighters for the national protection of all of us, yet, they can never “want” to use the skill they worked so hard to obtain. In a world where so many have abandoned the knowledge of why it is, and must be, that one would work so hard for a skill they should never want to use, we have a need for the re-affirmation of the honorable nature of the calling, and how the honorable protector thinks about it.

I am heartened to see someone put the mindset out there again and address the seeming paradoxes in it that are only seemingly paradoxes.

I would tell my rescuers that perfection of skill was their only worthy goal. We will never achieve it, but it must be our only acceptable goal for training. Then, knowing we will never be perfect, we still have to go out there and use all the skill we have gained, to do the best job we are able to do, knowing someone will always be able to judge us in bitter pain or anger for how things came out. Be it Fire, Police, or the one protecting their family, those are the facts we face. It is good to hear someone express the challenge of it, and how they meet it. We need that from time to time.

Good topic post, (the original initial post ), I hope more get to see it.


Thank you for your email. Stay alert and stay my friend.
Be sure to vote in November to keep our right to bear arms!



Thank you. I am honored, and humbled, by your comment, and confirmation. Many not in the “protection mindset” believe that we lose our very souls, and have no heart when we are forced into a dangerous, even potentially deadly, situation. I have seen police officers cry after a RIGHTEOUS SHOOT. One officer was FIRED for sparing the life of a troubled young man seeking suicide by cop.
My specialty is de-escalation when working a case, yet, I know that the time may come when it will come down to “my life or his (or hers).” It is NEVER easy to make that choice, but when seconds count, we don’t have minutes to consider the options. Before every volunteer patrol, I perform a ceremony of cleansing. I ask The Creator for the strength, courage, and above all, wisdom, to do what is right. I’ve been blessed thus far, but one never knows.
I have great respect for you, fellow protector, friend, and brother. Thank you, again.2020-02-24 23.13.36-1


Thank you for such kind words Talna, and I think you are right about that instinct that says “some day it could be me in that spot”. Recognition of that is kind of what this is all about. I think many people who choose to carry, and go to effort to learn how to do it responsibly, have recognized that bad things do happen, and can happen to them, or those they love. There really are a lot of people out there who are more than willing to hurt others, and there is no way to know when it may be your turn to run into one of them, or worse, become the focus of their rage. Like a pray animal is to a predator, you do not have to do anything special to become their target, it can be no more than the fact that you are the one who is there when all they need is a target to strike, and any target will do. I do my best to be an undesirable, or even unnoticed target, and failing that, I try to be a difficult target that is, perhaps, not worth the effort. And if all that fails, which it has, then the only recourse left, is to be the target that can, and will, fight back. I think the training, and forums like this one, that the USCCA make available , with trainers and lawyers in regular participation, is one of the most valuable resources I have ever seen for the " law abiding gun owner" and “protectors” who want to gain the skills and mindset to do their part in keeping our families, and communities, safe. It’s one of the very few places I will risk participating and, risk talking more openly, because I think it’s such a valuable resource. I suppose I sound like some kind of advertisement for the USCCA, but what I really am is a strong advocate for it, at a time when training and education on the subject is becoming ever more rare and hard to find. People, understandably, don’t much want to talk about the fact they own a gun, or shoot, or deal with the do’s and don’ts of this important right, for fear of having something they said used against them. I’ve made the choice to risk that towards the goal of keeping it a substantive and active resource, available for people to learn good skills, and in no small measure, to keep my own knowledge fresh and tested.

Thank you again Talna for your kind words, and apologies to all if sometimes I seem to “participate” a bit too much.

Be well and stay safe.