Not my circus?


@KevinM starts off his latest blog post with a Polish idiom that I use a lot! (My last name growing up ended in -ski, I’m just a bit Polish.)

Not my circus, not my monkeys. He relates it to whether or not you should get involved in a conflict.

What tactics do you use to watch out for a possibly dangerous situation?

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I start off with where I’m going, and why I’m going there. From there it’s head on a swivel, looking for ANYTHING out of the ordinary. If something looks suspicious, I avoid if at all possible.


I have a pretty simple formula. I know to what level I’m willing to takes thing to get home. So if a situation isnt worth going to that level I will always walk away.


It all starts with not going to stupid places, or going with stupid people, or going to to do stupid things. If I wouldn’t go there without a gun, why would I go there with a gun?
It never hurts to be polite, holding the door for people, etc. Most importantly, don’t drink AT ALL when armed.

Don’t forget road rage. You cannot engage in road rage! As gun carriers, there is a higher standard for our behaviors.
We have given up the right to act like a jerk when we carry a gun.

If you do end up in a situation where you have to use a firearm, that should only happen if you have the correct answer to one question. Will a life be saved if I use this gun?

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One of my favorite phrases.


Yep, @JKetchem, not my monkeys. :laughing:


Another I remember my dad saying was “keep your nose clean”. Guess that falls into the “stupid things, stupid places and stupid people” deal.