I will keep this THREAD as short but detailed as possible ! I had work done on my 2015 Nissan Xterra Pro 4X (08/18/2023. Diagnosed w/ a failing fuel pump ( a simple $1200 repair) they did the work Thursday/Friday (17th/18th). I got her back friday night and she wouldn’t turn off, key came out, but wouldn’t shut off. many details left out for expediency here. (5) hours later the fuel pump let go in my driveway, spilling the half of tank of gas and then the motor died. Many lies later the truck is probably dead, but I can’t tell because i can’t see it. They said it wasn’t their install, it was something else. No rental car, no help, assistance, NO TRUTH in any form. the team of lawyers decided to not participate in the (11th hour) by e-mail… This is what is currently happening. I just refi’ed @ a lower rate ($16,000 @ 5.5% down from 7.79%) I invested $6K into her( she was perfect but high miles 188K) She was my Detailing Vehicle so I made her really nice and a show piece. My driveway absorbed approx. (14) gallons of gas and it reeks. it’s really dangerous. Hazmat/OSHA/EPA? who knows?. It doesn’t sound like a lot of gas but it was sprayed over half my front yard. Decorative rock lawn, my stucco on my house, drive way, and fence Projectile fuel spill! I rented a High pressure washer w/ detergent and soaked it all down to minimize the danger but it is still( nasty. The Lying lawyers said (before they bailed today) said they were going for:
$25K (truck and expenses, New driveway (would have to be excavated and contaminated dirt removed, My house sits on ‘Lava rock’ from a volcano This won’t be pick and shovel work! (I’m not sh–ing you!’ and a replacement vehicle). I don’t care about 'Pain and Suffering Fee’s or their Admission of guilt. that was them talking Who cares! I just need to be made whole RAPIDLY!
They wanted $150K (total) which I thought was a bit much, but I’m no lawyer, since it was now a battle of dueling lawyers apparently i was out of the negotiations . Now I am left dangling. Tonight I find there is zero paperwork, No files to download, No Investigator’s reports… THEY DID NOTHING. A lawyer would be starting from scratch! This isn’t right. My sister and I bought a used jaguar SUV (medium size, to get me to work and get her to craft shows, next one in a week, the jag while nice is small and we will have a toyota camry (paid off) and the jag to get her to the show. that was necessary to say all this just for clarity. I was comfortable financially, but I took some hits w/ the Head On Collision and Total (second Xterra, recovery/lost wages and bills. April 14th,2023), having this replacement xterra shipped and made road worthy from Colorado) as I was recovering from eating the steering column and destroyin the dashboard with my Titanium knees was a bear! and a gave a sh-- ton of money to a niece who lost her Father (My brother) recently and had a Bazillion dollars in debts, was depressed and couldn’t work yadda, yadda, yadda… I haven’t even had time to grieve much less absorb his death. My Sister and I are fine, we are not desperate and in need of cash so no worries about eating or house payments, utilities…We are OK. I can sell a TON of Autographs and memorabilia but that takes time, Maybe sell my Guns but i don’t want too. Not yet. But the clock is ticking now. These bast–ds are now 'CHARGING me a Lot fee to house my Truck! and I can’t get her home because she is covered in Gas, it is embedded with gas (frame, under carriage, Wiring harness etc). She reeks also and is a hazard now. Now the Mechanics :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: say that I NEED TO GET HER TO A DEALER$HIP to have diagnosed and fixed (on my dimes) They ‘did all they could’…I don’t want her back, It’s too painful and once the wiring goes south it’s over for vehicles. If anybody knows a lawyer i would appreciate a call/reference.
They are Browns Automotive Experts :fu: :fu: :fu: :fu: :fu: :fu: :fu: :fu: on Golf Course road, Rio Rancho, New Mexico (and they are Coast to Coast in almost every state w/ @ least one shop! the owners are Dustin and Nolan Brown and I can’t find them. they live here in Albuquerque…I think. There is another outfit in fairfax, VA but it’s not them.
My contact info:
Donald Isaksen
505.205.1010 Home
505.697.8595 Cell
paradise hills, NM

This isn’t right.
This isn’t Honorable what they are doing.
My PTSD/Anxiety is out of control !
I got to where i take zero med’s for anything (even pain)
I don’t drink, drug or smoke anything!
I work hard but on disability I can’t make what I made
when I was free of .gov restrictions.
Some of you know my history being a ‘Contactor’ for .gov
so you know I can’t even use the VA for medical.
My sister and I are a force to be reckoned with but we are on our own.
My Niece is toast so no pay back coming there (not that I would accept any
she’s got a long road to recovery, having a debt wouldn’t help, It was a gift).

Thanks for listening brothers, I am a little off center but was doing alright
thinking I chose the right team and had this quietly covered.
Now I am back to square One!
This is a double decker SH-- Sandwich w/o the bread I wasn’t ready for.

i hope lastly, i didn’t break any code or rules doing this on USCCA
But what are brothers for if you can’t rely on each other.
No Go whatever’s, financial assistance, NOTHING. We are fine.
We just need a very good (possibly Environmental/ Consumer advocate Lawyer
that knows their stuff and has BALLS! I could use a break here.
good night Folks, work tomorrow, no rest for the weary. :lion: :lion: :lion: :lion:


I don’t know any lawyers in New Mexico but good luck

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@Don102 Don’t know if these lawyers can help but try: Morgan&Morgan (833)646-1198: Business Law Southwest, (505)848-8581: Feterman, Warren&Mattison (505)243-7773: Richard Alvidrez, (505)842-1950. Do you know what caused the fuel spillage on your Xtera? Possibly the fuel line to the fuel pump may not have been connected correctly that it disconnected from the high pressure of the pump. Maybe look into that area where fuel lines connect to the fuel pump. Also, have you discussed the issue with your auto insurance company so that maybe they can steer you in some direction that may help? Good luck, hope you get things resolved.


Thank you Ronald One-Fifty!
F,W&M I already contacted…still waiting :upside_down_face:
I will contact Bis Law SW and M&M & Richard Alvidrez Manana.
They weren’t on my lawyer lists I obtained so I appreciate the Info!
The shop WON’T Let me see my Baby, BUT they want it off their lot :face_vomiting:
(they aren’t making friends here :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I contacted the BBB and filed a complaint, along w/ My Maintenance Contract people
and My Bank (where I have additional Insurance and GAP on my Loan.
I believe (sight unseen) It’s a total loss because of all the excuses for failure of the truck
Brown’s said lastly that “It COULD BE ELECTRICAL NOW” and i have to have it towed to a
Nissan dealership because it’s out of their hands now all they did was the fuel pump, we don’t know either how the electricals failed catastrophically??? DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
I DO! The fuel line probably let go from the pump and the gas spewed out so hard it emptied the tank in (4) minutes (I timed it). So whatever happened, they screwed up a fantastic ride, Negligence on the install
or the line was connected improperly… I need to see her to find the TRUTH, or an adjuster/mechanic needs to sign off. Once the wiring harness was soaked THAT is how she died. And in my experience of (40) years of working on/restoring cars, trucks, Hummers, half tracks and an occasional Bradley (No Abrams tanks as yet :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: The electrical harness is the worst/fatal to fix. You can have the harness replaced, sure, but the $$$$$$$$$ amount may exceed the value and there is no telling what died as a result and vehicles tend not to be reliable anymore. The Xterra was super reliable before this Brown’s even did a full work up and Dino on her (3) days before they executed her. Nice of them to give me the print-outs and paperwork! Lawyers LOVE paperwork!.
We shall see said the blind man! I’m kinda hopeful. I have been out of sorts the last couple of days my Dog had to be put to sleep after he was doing his 'little house on the prairie "Impersonation running down a hill he always did until he hit a divit in the ground and slipped (3) disc’s in his spine! I had to carry him back to his jag, the Vet said he was in extreme pain and they could run a zillion tests, operate but his back legs probably wouldn’t ever work again… So we humanely let him go home , my wife welcomed him home, and my Brother… Tough Year brother. Lot’s of Loses.
Sorry, don’t mean to be a downer. thanks for the advice.