I’m moving from Texas to New Jersey

Where is that referenced on the website specifically?

Your best option is going to be calling the NJ State Police and having a conversation with them. I’m sure you aren’t the first gun owner to move there and while it may not be easy, I’m sure there is a process they know about. Another great idea that I would suggest is contacting the local Police chief or County Sheriff where you will be moving to. They may have insights as well.

When you do make the final move to your new home, just make sure you do not stop anywhere in New Jersey and you are following the transport laws.


Federal laws would protect this. Can’t really stop anywhere else in the state other than a private residence or property ( ie. range), but it’s still legal.


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Can you share with me the specific New Jersey state statute that says a non-resident can lawfully possess a handgun at a private residence or property?

Tom Grieve and Kevin M in the protector academy say to not bring a handgun to NJ or NY because you may (will?) be arrested and charged with a felony regardless of federal law, but, I don’t even see how federal law applies when NJ is the destination.

It sure seems like playing with fire when the attorney and the expert literally say, do not do it, people have been and should be expected to be charged with a felony regardless of what federal law says.


It’s a federal law and I don’t see any state law that prohibits non-residents from possessing firearms in NJ. Do you?

I don’t have all my links handy on this computer today, I suggest posting to the internal gun laws and reciprocity channel to inquire about non resident traveling to NJ as the destination, with a handgun.

None of which I can find anything that restricts the possession of firearms in the state, only the carrying of firearms in public without a permit and/or purchasing of firearms in the state.

I may be wrong, but I don’t see anything that says otherwise. I would be interested to see ith though if you have it somewhere.

Tom Grieve and Kevin M say people get charged with felonies for doing it, and to not, I’ll look for more tomorrow but for now that’s more than enough for me

Again, I recommend asking in that channel for clarification


I took a Rob Pincus class in NJ late last summer. (I don’t live there.) I emailed an attorney ahead of time to makes sure I followed the laws. Here is what he sent me back:

**Thank you for contacting the firm. In response to your inquiry, please consider the following.

In order to lawfully transport a firearm in New Jersey you must first place the gun in the trunk of your car in a locked compartment and the weapon must be unloaded. Next, you can only travel to certain locations, which include, your home, any property you own, any businesses you own, a hunting site, or target range. Lastly, when driving, you may only travel directly to and from the specified destinations. You cannot take any unnecessary detours like visiting a friend or stopping for dinner.

Also, with respect to magazines and ammunition, it is illegal to carry any magazines that hold more than 10-rounds. Thus, do not bring with you any magazines that can hold more than 10-bullets or rounds into the State.

I hope this email was helpful and if you need any further assistance, please contact the office. **

I had mentioned the JHP ammo in my original email to the firm so they didn’t need to mention that again.

Not a link to the law, but in case it’s helpful.


Best advice I’ve heard.

The thought has crossed my mind that if I was forced to relocate to a more restricted state or area, I would store anything I was unable to take with me for future retrieval!


I would actually try to get their advice in writing and carry a printed copy of their response if I was stuck traveling through NJ. When I lived in New England I remember reading of several horror stories of people getting stopped in NJ and arrested for having a firearm even though they were fully complying with NJ and federal laws. Cost them a lot in lawyers fees to prove their innocence.

I don’t know of anyone who has won a civil case yet against the NJ LEOs who are illegally detaining people who are legally transporting firearms. But hope someday somebody wins a high dollar case to put a stop to the practice.


That’s a good idea too, but unfortunately, even that may not save you in a case where law enforcement is incorrectly enforcing laws.


For my Tim/Kevin reference (applicable to all Elite USCCA member)

Go to the Protector Academy, Videos, Ask an Attorney series:

Episode 12 at about 9:12 timestamp
I think also E11 around 47:04

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Can I Bring a Gun Into New Jersey?

Whether you can bring a handgun into New Jersey depends on the circumstances. A person can transport his or her firearm if traveling through New Jersey or between one residence and another when moving to or within the state and only if in compliance with the following requirements:

  • Firearm must be unloaded; and
  • Firearm must be contained in:
    • A closed and fastened case,
    • A gun box,
    • A securely tied package or
    • Locked in the trunk of the automobile in which it is being transported.

If neither of those situations applies, it would be illegal to have your handgun in New Jersey.

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