I just got my Console Vault


Very Nice. Does it bolt into the console or is it cable and lock?


I’ve been tempted, but was looking for more info on how secure these are in a console. I was previously looking at “Lock’er Down” brand, but these look very similar. Does it use self tapping screws into the plastic or does it attach to any steel? Maybe four screws into plastic is secure enough? I don’t know. It just gives me anxiety if I can’t attach it to steel. My lockbox is currently in the back, so securing it in the console would be so much more convenient for those rare occasions that I need to stow it in my truck.


@Mike164 it bolts in. Uses the factory holes. It took me 5 minutes with a 10mm socket, and 3 of them was reading the instructions and setting a combo.


Nice and secure, I like it.

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If I were a bad guy or any typical Chicago resident, that would really get my attention. It seems to me to be an invitation to a broken window at least and maybe a theft using a pry bar. It needs to be camouflaged or hidden by an open paper map.

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I thought it was inside of the console. My jeep has a door on the console.

That looks like a very nice fit in your console. I would like to get one for my truck. What is the brand?




@James589 it’s inside of the center console. The lid is still there… close it, and you can’t see a thing.

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Sadly they don’t make one for my vehicle :frowning:

Awesome fortress.

As Eric of IV8888 might say, cover that up with a “Hello Kitty blankee” and you’re good to go.

Nice! $299 for my truck isn’t too bad

I really like this idea. Unfortunately for me there are a bunch of things I keep in my center console that I like to have quick access to and an extra locking lid would get in the way.

Also folks should be aware that some states have laws against transporting firearms in the center console or glove compartment. So the law might force some people to store firearms in a less safe place than a locked console vault. But everyone should realize by now that anti firearms laws are not anctually intended to make anyone safer.

I use a locking “vault” with a cable attached underneath my seat.