I Just Donated (again)-- How About YOU!


They got banned in CT Oct 2019, and GOA nor anyone else did a thing. Fortunately I was grandfathered in, which almost went away this year if it wasn’t for local, and only local, resistance.
I started donating to the “mattm freedom fund” and thus far gave gotten no response from anyone but the NRA who agreed with my strategy. Got tired of donating when not a damn soul goes to bat against Blumenthal and Murphy.
I understand the importance of these groups, but tired of how they skip the northeast.

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I have an automatic donation taken out of my credit card for GOA and my local State gun owners caucus.
Not much, but it adds up over the year. I figure they are fighting for me and it is the least I can do.


I have a monthly donation. Sometimes, I give extra when I have “extra” in my account.

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I’ve been a member of both ( plus several other pro 2A orgs for years).