Protect Our 2nd Amendment - NOW!

Today, February 3rd, 2021, I donated $200 ($50ea) to the following organizations:

  • GOA
  • FPC
  • SAF
  • “Knife Rights”

If you really care about your 2nd Amendment Rights like I do, then DONATE NOW. The Biden Administration is going to come for them. If you can donate more than $50 to each of the orgs, then do it.

NOTE: I am a member of USCCA for knife related litigation. I do not even own a firearm at the moment, but have in the past. It is important to maintain our rights and to pass them down to our offspring. I believe in our right to keep and bear arms, and I will support it until I pass from this life. Join me!

DO IT!!! Donate now, and help them litigate cases before the courts.


Here is a link to what is going on in Arizona 2nd Amendment sanctuary in Arizona? Good grief, here comes the crazy

That’s awesome!

Good stuff. I’ve dropped roughly $200 so far to GOA. We’ve gotta do all we can!

Wow. Way cool. That’s uniquely impressive. Very classy. Well put. I joined the NRA about a month ago, and last week, the SAF and GOA.