I got this email today: Concealed Carry & Home Defense Expo Registration Confirmation

I am so excited!!! After the expo getting cancelled this year… I need this bad!
And in Nashville, a GREAT city and state.

I’ve already signed up for a ton of the “pay per classes”.

I can’t believer no one has started a topic on this yet, unless once again my search skills were poor. :slight_smile:

Who’s all going here?
What courses are you taking?


@Fizbin I think there are a lot of folks biding their time right now as a lot of things will happen between now and say Jan 31 2021. Too much going on to nail down a date that far out.

I personally would love to go and have my hot rod up and running for a maiden voyage. Nashville sounds like the right place but the motor build just got pushed back 2 months AKA the admin wenches lost my ticket :rage:




We’re going or planning on it at this time. Any more talk about the kick off concert @Dawn ?

I’m all registered up along with classes…

Question though for @Dawn, it seems like the classes are at the Drury in while the Convention itself is being held someplace else (at the Shereton?).

Can anyone advise on specifics?

Maybe it is so HUGE they had to book both venues!

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