I found Trumps VP Choice! Valentina Gomez ! (25) Year old Candidate for Sec. of State Missouri!

Conservatives swiftly showed support for Gomez and her video following its release. “Love this woman,” Laura Loomer posted.

“Don’t be weak and gay 2024,” Hodgetwins wrote, prompting another user to say, “Finally a slogan I can support.”


I’d vote for her!


If you can be anything you want in America, don’t be weak…okay I can see that statement. But the other part? No place for that part of the comment.

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I prefer that the people in charge of our future have a lot more experience and proven ability. I also don’t have any issues with gay people. What two consenting adults do in the privacy of their home is none of my business as long as they don’t try to make it my business.

Not to mention I’m pretty sure you need to be 35 to be VP since you need to be 35 to be President. Never has there been a greater chance of the VP becoming president with the two geriatrics of questionable health running for office at the moment.


I’m far from being a homophobe.

Yet I use “gay” all the time.

Just like I’m not religious, yet I use “god” all the time.

She’s Colombian,

what if she was Irish and said “Don’t be weak and a c u n t”?


Despite having a significant amount of Irish blood in my vanes I can’t recall ever using that word to describe another person.

It seems that being respectful and exhibiting other societal behavioral norms have been thrown out the window by most people as a consideration for qualified Presidential candidates these days. Acting and talking that way wouldn’t push someone up my list of qualified leaders.

Spending a significant amount of time disparaging and disrespecting others is a sign of weakness, not strength, in my book. But I was raised in a different universe it appears.


Totally different.

The C word is universally applicable, one could choose to all pretty literally anybody that derogatory term.

Coming across as insulting an entire group of people based on race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation…totally different ballgame.

And there is no place for those kinds of statements

Words have different meanings and inflections in different cultures.

Even gay used to mean joyful before it was associated with homosexuality by American culture.

Where I might chid a friend calling them a jackass, in UK and Ireland, they might say Wanker, or; c u n t.

Maybe she is a homophobe, im gonna hold that judgment for more than a single statement.


She isn’t using that word to mean joyful…and we all know it.

I agree to a point. Though when running for office these people are trying to become a representative for everyone in the place they are running, not just the small percentage they are hoping to garner votes from. If you want to represent everyone in the future you have to be cognizant of all the different people out there and choose your words a little more carefully than someone who is BSing with their friends in a bar.


The word changed meaning in the 90s, to describe something that is stupid or odd (in a stupid way). A nephew used it in that way back then, when he was in his teens. It doesn’t make sense in her usage to state don’t be weak and h-m-s-xual. It makes more sense stating don’t be weak and stupid.


In that case…

…it is wrong to use that word to mean stupid.

It is wrong to co-opt the word gay as it is used by the LGBTQI2A+WXYZ community and force the rest of the population to use it as they insist. Kind of like the anti-rights groups and people calling semi-auto rifles “assault weapons”.


This is fine and good. But I don’t think that she could be the VP. And that is because she is to young. And that is because to be President a person has to be 35 years old. And a natural born citizen of the USA. And if for whatever reason the President leaves or is removed from office then per the U.S. Constitution then the VP becomes President. So Valentina Gomez would be to young to become President. And does anyone know if she is a NATURAL BORN AMERICAN CITIZEN? And I don’t mean in the country illegally. But came from another country and became a U.S. Citizen. Because if that is the case she could not be the VP or President.


I don’t see how it’s like that.

Words like “assault weapon” are used to make the semi-automatic rifles sound like something they are not. Those who don’t know often think “full auto” or “machine gun” or something other than semi-auto when they hear that scary “assault” word (not that full auto should be restricted, but, it is).

Nobody is changing the definition of that word to make people think something is different than it is in order to ban something.

As others have pointed out here, different words have different meanings to different people. I think it is important to remember that when speaking to a wider audience than our close friends and family as what we are saying may not be what others are hearing. Misunderstandings can lead to unnecessary conflict and are standing in the way of us solving the countless problems we are facing.

If a person’s point is to lift themselves up by putting others down then they don’t have to worry about insulting others since that is their goal. But if a person’s goal is to lead and represent the people then they should choose their words more carefully.

If suggesting people use caution in their word choices when communicating with a broader audience makes me a pompous ass then I guess being a pompous ass is a good thing nowadays?:wink:


Sarah Palin 2.0 :man_shrugging:t4:
We need a serious candidate.


Ladies and Gentlemen :PLEASE!.. STEADY!

I WAS JOKING because she is a strong Woman who seems for her young age to be VERY TOGETHER
When you have young people advocating the eradication of an entire population (even if they
don’t even KNOW WHERE ISRAEL IS on the map)
Or Supporting a known TERRORIST ORGANIZATION (HAMAS) for those who just woke up today.
This strong Intelligent Woman is a breath of fresh air.
IF YOU DON’T like her Verbiage I am sorry. I have heard worse here on this site.
But this is NOT a topic to bash each others brains in here.

Politicians today are Piles of : :poop: :poop: :poop: :poop:
Your Resident is a Dementia riddled empty suit
the VP is a Baboon And a Turnip
and on down the line of succession it just gets worse and worse.
She is not.
And I don’t give a rats Behind if she’s Columbian, or whatever she is an AMERICAN and sounds like a PATRIOT!
You guy’s sometimes …I won’t post anymore if this is what is going to transpire afterwards

Everybody take a breath.


Ditto, but given the people the Orange man has chosen to surround himself with, include the porn stars he f*cked, the attorneys he associates with (Rudy Guilliani, Sydney Powell, Michael Cohen), the policy wonks he hired to advise him, “experience and proven ability” are probably disqualifiers for his VP.