Hypothetical end of the world

So it’s the end of the world. Most humans have died off due to some unforeseen circumstances and a few people are left. You can still hunt and need to protect yourself from bandits. Amongst all the other gear, you are capable of carrying 3 firearms and there respective ammo. What 3 firearms do you bring with you and why? If you can physically pick the gun up in real life you can bring it with you. Canons and explosives aren’t around anymore.

For me is would be
9mm Glock 19
12ga Mossberg 590 A1
300 Win Mag Nemo Omen


I would carry
Mini-14 ranch Model 223 which also can shoot 5.56 for close and distant shooting.
1911 in 45acp for close work.
Browning highpower 9mm for close up and my backup gun, I pick these because there ammo will always be able to find. Least to say I have enough ammo to get me through many encounters.


Sig 226
Sig 938
Sig m400

…did I mention Sig?


Ruger GP100 .357 mag
Mossberg 590 A1
Ruger 10/22 Takedown

The Ruger, because it is a robust, great shooting firearm. It will handle any .357 or .38 load known to man. I would go with the 6 inch myself, since it’s the end of the world, concealing it isn’t a big deal.

The Mossberg 590 A1. 12 gauge. Reliable. Again, robust. Bonus: Bayonet lug. Great close quarters weapon, with the ability to kill dinner. With the right load, usable again large predators.

The 10/22 Takedown. Reliable(seeing a theme here). Lightweight, and backpack portable. This is the small game, carry a lot of ammo gun. In the right hands, it can be lethal against invaders. Parts availability is second only to AR style rifles.


Mossberg 500 (12ga)
An AR-15 pistol with optic
Walther PPQ 45 ACP

That should about cover us I would think. Fourth choice would be a .22LR rifle, fifth choice would be a .308 rifle (not sure if I’d go AR-10 or bolt action).


My 3 would be my Springfield XDm in 9mm for up close - a S&M 5.56 again for groups that are coming at me & Barrett 338 / 6.5 for getting dinner.


Solid, beautiful pistol.

Ruger 10/22 takedown with magpull stock and suppressor (I know where to get one end if the world plus I’m going to order one soon).

12.7x42mm Aka. 50 Beowulf AR p loo platform.
Heavy hitting practical to carry 50cal, from big game to engine blocks…

  1. HANDGUN: CZ P-09 (because of capacity)
  2. SHOTGUN: Mossberg 590M 12 gauge (because of reliability and capacity)
  3. RIFLE: H&K416 A5 (because of reliability, already tested in harsh enviroment)

I can trust these 3 tools, and trust is a must during End of the World !


Oh, and since the OP said firearms, my soon in my hands Beowulf, uppers are not considered firearms and since Beowulf uses standard AR15 mags, having 2 uppers (I have and soon to have) .556 upper and 300 blackout.

Lowers and mags are still the same, just ammo and uppers change…

(Yes, I like to bend the rules for an advantage, I have to in a survival situation)


12 Ga Pump - (reliable, great for defense and hunting)…
S&W 4006 - It is my favorite handgun and it has a long reliable track record with me.
Ruger 10/22 - With so few humans around I will probably do a lot more hunting than defense.

Honorable mention list.

Ruger AR-556 - If I had a .22 conversion kit it could possible replace the 10/22
Hoyt compound bow - Eventually even I will run out of ammo, and it is quiet.


9mm Glock 19
12ga Mossberg 590 A1
300 Win Mag Nemo Omen

The reason I chose those was because 9mm is one of the most common rounds in the country so I’m sure it be easy to find. Also if for some reason I’m in fairly tight area a handgun is pretty small.

12ga shotgun for self defense and hunting. Slugs, buckshot of various sizes, birdshot, etc.

And the 300 win mag Nemo Omen because 300 can take down any large game in North America including moose and bear . It also can take out smaller game like deer and elk without destroying the entire deer. The Nemo Omen is semi automatic and pretty light so it wouldnt be to much to carry. Plus it is based off the AR platform so endless accessories.


Kimber 1911 45 auto SSTLE/RL w/surefire x300 Weapon light
Mossberg 500 12ga
All for reliability, ease of use, compactness and weight.


Gotta go with

.45 XD: 13+1 ammo stack and it points as naturally as a 1911.
AR-15 pistol with a real stock … so PDW: Good for 0 to 200+ yards of gotta get rounds on target RIGHT NOW!
AR-10: Mine has dope out to 1100 yards and out to 925 yards I don’t even have to dial on elevation.




12 Gauge Browning pump
.22 Browning automatic rifle
9 mm CZ Shadow 2


Springfield Armory XDs Mod 2 - 9mm
S&W AR-15 - 5.56
Mossberg 500 - 12 ga.


Rock island 1911 in 22mag
Mossberg 835


Man, this is a tough one, I really want to keep ALL my guns … only 3 eh …
ok then, suppose I would take my :

  1. Marlin 22LR - for killing small game (Squirrel, Rabbit, Racoon stew!)
  2. Suppressed 300BLK - I want Supers and Subs :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: - for defense from Evil Humans and for harvesting larger game
  3. EDC Glock 19 - Cause it has been on or at my side (minus that one time I HAD to go into the Hospital - ignorant ‘Gun Free’ Zone here in MI.) since the day I bought it.

I sure will miss all the others and my nice quiet, cushy, peaceful, boring but Way Fun Life.


Only 1, the Ruger 10/22. It’s accurate, semi-auto, 22 cal, so I can carry 1,000 rounds easy.
If I were forced to carry 3 weapons, it would be 3 Ruger 10/22’s I guess. :slight_smile:


Fail safe to the fail safe lol

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I knew I liked you, @ScottH! :wink: