Bear hand guns


So last night Mr/s Bear visited us again. Destroyed the trash can, bent the shepherds hook the oriole feeder was on and caused other damage.

So my 9mm handguns will not cut it out here on the farm (moved back to our farm when dad passed in Feb to help since mom since she can not take care of 20 acres alone).

So do it get a 10mm, a 45, or just go and get a S&W 500?


.357 mag will handle up to black bear, as would 10mm. If it’s the big bruins, I’d look into something in 454, 460, or my personal pick, 480. 480 Ruger has a lot more power than 44 mag, but, since it’s low pressure, it doesn’t punish the shooter as much as 454, 460, and 500. You can get a Ruger Alaskan in 480, if you want to hike with it. Or, get either a Super Redhawk, or Super Blackhawk if you wanted a longer barrel. Ammo selection is the biggest limitation of the 480.


I have plenty of long guns that would take down a bear Ithaca model 37 12 gauge, Marlin 30-30, Jap 7.7, and Savage 30.06 it is more wanting something to carry around while doing yard work, tending to the garden, and picking berries.

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Then I would look at a Ruger Alaskan.


Is 6 rounds going to be enough for a bear?

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Great choices of hand guns. You use what is the best for you and you can
operate it to the safeties and with accuracy. You are the BOSS ! The 10 mm
can range from .40 SW +P to .357 Magnums powers. 1000 to 1600 fps power.

(round of +or _ , but there are few to choose from. Best Wishes.


A grizzly can run 50 yards in 3 seconds. The average person would be doing good to get 6 shots, of anything powerful enough to penetrate a grizzly, in that time. Big bore power, and hard cast bullets are the way to go with bear. If I wear in an area where I might encounter a big Bruin, I’d rather a lever action rifle, or a 12 gauge with sabot slugs in it. Penetration is the name of the game on a bear. I have heard that some Alaskan guides have tried 10mm, with some success.


I carry a Taurus Tracker TI in 41 mag for bear defense when I’m in the Rockies. I also have the equivalent in both .45LC and 44mag.

They are very handy, light, five shot four inch revolvers. I also carry them for daily carry quite frequently.

The 10mm in a semi auto is also a very good choice although considerably heavier.

I shoot both the 10mm and .41mag on large wild boar quite frequently and they are about as heavily muscled and densely bodied as all but the largest of bears and extremely difficult to bring down quickly absent a direct hit to the central nervous system. Anything that works well on large boars you should find very effective in bear defense for all but the very largest of bears.

If I lived in Grizzly country my go to defense would be a 12g with slugs or one of my M1A’s.

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If you can manage a direct CNS shot with a stout, deep penetrating jacketed hollow point or cast lead bullet they will do the job quickly.

Unless your’e dealing with a truly enraged bear such as a sow protecting her Cubs or a Boar in a territorial/breeding rights dispute a couple of well placed shots even if not immediately effective will likely be enough of a deterrent to stop the attack long enough to make your escape.