Three Essential Firearms For Civil Unrest

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The writer’s choices are interesting:

  • Springfield Armory M1A .308
  • Benelli M4 Tactical 12 gauge semi-auto
  • Glock Model 20 10mm

What would your three choices be, @RocketPak?


Given the scenario as posed, and understanding that the wheels have fallen off society I would have to go with:

AR-10 in 308
AR-15 pistol/SBR in .223
XD in .45 ACP




Since I don’t have a long history with guns other than hunting rifles I’d probably go with his recommendations only swapping out the Glock for my Ruger SR9c since I’m already familiar with that firearm.

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.308 bolt gun
Semi auto rifle (AR 15 for me)
Common caliber pistol (glock 19 for me)

These common firearms because of the availability of parts and ammunition. In my opinion when it comes to this type of scenario simple works and you’re gonna want it to work.


I agree with @Dawn,

I think home defense inside, would be my Ruger 556 but my Glock 17 is my every day, and yes, I was going for the 19, but the 17 is just better for my grip. People tend to ask me if I’m a newbie until they see my shot with it. HOWEVER, I’m sick of people saying how good they can shoot, but I would ask how well can you de-escalate? Or are you truly ready for the event and after?


I don’t agree with the authors choice of a semi-auto shotgun, a pump would be a better choice. That pump would likely be a Mossberg too (or a 870), a 590-A1 will be more reliable than a SA and hold more shells than his choice.


I’ll go with what I grabbed during the recent wildfires and evac with the criminal element taking advantage.

-AR 9mm
-Mossberg 500 Scorpion 12Ga
-Glock 17 9mm

Here’s my take though I’d keep it to a selection of 4. My 4th selection would be a bolt action rifle in .308, specifically Remington 700 PCR

If I had to keep it to 3 and didn’t have the selection I’d go with

-AR 5.56mm/.223
-Mossberg 500 Cruiser 12Ga with fixed full stock
-Glock 21 .45ACP


I’ll bite, and be a little of an oddball.

.357 mag Revolver
.357 mag Lever action rifle
Mossberg 590A1

The first, so I have ammo options, in a concealable, portable, powerful package. 38’s, to deer rounds. FMJ, to snake shot. No worrying about cycling a slide.
The rifle. Same caliber(s) as the handgun. Can load without looking at the rounds.
The 590. 12 gauge pump gun, with 8+1 capacity, and a detachable bayonet. That’s a hard hitting, close quarters fighting machine to me.


I’m not thinking very hard about this but:
Glock 17 or 19 (whichever is handy)
Ruger PC Carbine in 9mm
AR variant in .223

Shot guns are great but shells are to bulky for me.


The point about the shells is true, I run extra shells on the buttstock of my Cruiser 8 shot Which is nice and balanced, and the side-saddle carrier on my scorpion 6 shot is completely bulked out, but I can deal with it.

I’m a fan of the 9mm PCC as well

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In a temporary Civil Unrest (author’s example is antifa invasion) I think I’d only need two.

Pistol in a common caliber (9mm, .45, etc) with 15+ rounds. I’d probably go with a Glock 17/19. My second choice would be something like the FNX Tactical (15 rnds of glorious .45 ACP).

Second is a rifle in a common caliber. An AR15 in 5.56/.223 would be perfect here. Maybe a 9mm PCC would work too especially if you can share mags with your pistol.

I can’t really think of a good reason to walk around with a shotgun (semi- or pump-) in this scenario. It is definitely a fight-stopper, but dealing with multiple targets in a crowd would be easier with a pistol/rifle than dealing with the extra recoil and limited ammo capacity of a shotty. The recoil is probably mitigated to a degree by the author’s choice of a semi-auto shotty

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ArmaLite AR-10, Remington 870 tactical 12ga., Springfield XD .45


PPQ or 92FS. PPS. CX4.

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Just 3?

XD or XDM- I have always said the pefect handgun would be the mating of a Glock to a 1911. The XD/XDM is the closest I’ve seen to that mating.

870 Remington Tactical-Most battle proven and dependable shotgun of all time.

M1A-Because nothing else is even in it’s class. The Sig 716 gets close.

A piston drive AR in .223/.556. I have the Sig 516.

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Do you think Rem 870 is still made to its historic reputation?
I imagine the Mossberg 590 would be a close competitor, yes?

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Guess I’ll bite too.

S&W M&P 2.0 9c (it’s what I have). 9mm is abundant and it’s ran flawlessly for me. It’s a proven in my experience.

Frankengun AR Pistol in 5.56/.223 (I’m building this myself, hence the frankengun moniker). With a red dot (probably reflex) and back up irons, a weapon mounted light and angled foregrip. More oomph than a handgun, more range, excellent defense within 100yds. Also abundant ammo.

Precision rifle chambered in 7.62/.308 with a quality high power scope. This is my catch all so to speak. I can keep aggressors at a distance, or if things go long I can hunt big game with it. Once again, ammo is quite common.

Depending on the exact situation I would be trying to stay low key with my family to ride out the storm. We don’t have a lot of things like this to worry about where I live, it’s primarily a lot of very small communities spread out over a 60 mile radius or so. The nearest big city is a minimum of a 2 hour drive away.

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If anything my experience tells me the 870 has only gotten better with the advent of specialty “purpose built” 870’s.

I’ve certainly seen no decline in quality or workmanship.

The 590 is a quality shotgun as well but nowhere near as well proven as the 870.

If I could have only one gun for life and my life depended on it, it would be an 870.

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I will respectfully disagree. The newer ones are not as good as the old ones. A friend that owns a gun shop, will only stock Remington shotguns if a customer orders one. He will, however, buy up or trade for any older 870’s he can.

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I haven’t seen it personally or seen any such buzz from reliable sources online. Could be true but I just haven’t seen it.