Hypothetical end of the world

I’m curious about some of y’all’s answers. Like why do you prefer all sig @ScottH and @Dawn? @George19 I thought 223 could only shoot 223 and 5.56 could shot both? Am I mistaken? @Orpackrat nothing wrong with bending the rules sometimes to your advantage, especially come teotwawki. @Greg1 I like your honorable mention of a compound bow. I’d probably go with a compound crossbow for more draw weight. @MichiganGlock welcome to the community and nice picks. I’m not to knowledgeable on 300 blackout, would that be able to take down moose and bear? I know 300 Win Mag can take down any animal in North America from whitetail to moose without destroying the carcass. And peaceful doesn’t necessarily mean boring. You could probably find ways to entertain yourself with no interruptions and no need for money anymore.


@BubbaBear917 I have always been partial to Sig. I’ve shot a lot of various brands and Sig is the one I always go back to. My Sig’s have always performed well, feel good in my hands, and I shoot them well. That’s enough for me :slight_smile:


In my more active days of paintball, I would bend rules.

No blind firing aka no sticking marker around corner and shooting to avoid being shot, I installed a marker cam to see where I was shooting kinda like a corner shot.

No full auto faster than 12.5bps with electronic triggers, I ran an all mechanical trigger with gas assist piston to push trigger forward and reset sear so the correct trigger pressure along with gas flow regulator setting (excess gas from firing paintball), it was kinda like bump firing (cant program a BPS speed and simple trigger pressure can change ROF and burst to auto at will) I could legally get my ROF up to about 20bps.

My field, marker hits dont count, most ran 200rd hoppers or smaller, mine was 450rd.

I built simulated exploding devices using high pressure gas delivery system and sealed latex tubing. A form of flash bangs, and more. These days I use my FLIR and high powered LED lights.


I miss playing paintball. I loved field ball and used to wreck with my tippman a5 with e trigger and compressed air instead of co2. I had it mounted on my lower back with a cool tubeline for less weight in hand.


Hey @BubbaBear917, I’m a reloader and can tell you there is NO difference between the 5.56 and 223.
They use the same bullet, the same charge of powder, the same seating depth, the same casing and primer. It’s backed up by data in Hornady’s big book of reloading. :slight_smile:

BTW reloading saves money, is actually fun and therapeutic. :slight_smile:

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Right now reloading would be awesome! Great way to avoid ammo shortages and something to do when we’re stuck at home.

Still wouldn’t advise it for carrying, just for target ammo. :slight_smile:


@Dawn The nice thing with reloading is you can match the boolet weight and velocity to your duty load. At pistol ranges you will never see the aero effect of a different type bullet so just about anything in the right weight works.




We used to own a paintball field, 9 acres.
Field ball was way way more fun the bubble ball as we called it.
It was a great way to learn tactics.
Some of the equipment people had was amazing. We had to ban full auto as it was so unbalanced when even just 1 person on a team used it.
The A5 was our rental weapon, we used co2 and had a filling station.
We did close it as there really wasn’t a lot of money in it and transitioned to another business.

Good times man.


The field I used to go to in Jersey was the only field in South Jersey for the longest time. They are still open as far as I know but I’m no longer in Jersey to check. It was awesome and very fast paced and the people who worked there were very professional and knowledgeable. They used to get on the younger kids teams to help wreck.

If you get a good setup with an A5 it’s an awesome marker.

I won’t name a specific brand or model, but I would think it important to have different types of firearms. A good rifle first of all. Then a smooth bore. For third, I guess I’d pick a side arm as my backup, but it depends on what kind of rifle I have. I might trade in a pistol for a good bow, because I can make my own arrows, even if they’re not great.

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