Hunting Rifles

Listening to Gun Talk the other day and a caller talked about using his Old M1 for hunting
And on the Alaska show Life Below Zero They show someone using a Mosen
Anyone use Heritage Rifles for hunting anymore
I have a 1954 303 Enfield that I take out once and a while
I know there are a lot of editorials on the famous using them in the past
And I’m talking about old Garands, Enfields, Mosan’s, Mausers,
Thank You


I have a Marlin 1893 lever action chambered in 30-30 that I plan on using for deer hunting next year. According to the serial number it was built in early 1907. I finally found some brass so I can load close to period correct cast lead ammo.

If only the old guns could tell you their stories…


I also have an old Mosin that has had some modifications done to it that one day, if I ever get it done, I will use for deer.


Love your post. Wow, 1893, awesome! Last week, small game, 1937 Mossberg scoped walnut wood rifle. What a feeling.


I used a borrowed M1917 Enfield Eddystone 30.06 Rifle, scoped to take a 10 point Whitetail on a rainy afternoon on the last day I could hunt, I hunted that Buck all season. What a thrill. :+1: