Murder Zones

The telling crime statistics gun-control proponents desperately don’t want to acknowledge.


Bet if you zoom in below the county level those red areas would look much much smaller still. The counties in SE CA are huge red splotches but most of that area is undeveloped, lightly populated desert. Most of the murders are taking place near the small cities out there like Bakersfield. And the majority of the murders in cities usually take place in just a small percentage of neighborhoods where control has been ceded to the various criminal gangs.

My county shows up as having 4 to 5 murders in 2020 but it has more land area than many Northeastern States. I don’t know of a single murder in my tiny town in the decade plus that we have lived here. :fist::wood:


One of the things to bear in mind is that populations of different counties differs significantly.

My county is approaching 1 million population, for example, Shamrock how many people live in your county?

I’d rather see it on a rate/per 100k population basis actually. (would probably look fairly similar in the end)

Example of why per capita is relevant: California has more gun owners than most other states including most of your/our states. But…per capita…


My county, regardless of how you measure, is too low to be rated per the typical per 100,000, and there are now several hundred thousand in the county, and crime in my nrighborhood is essentially non-existent, save a rare domestic or property crime, like my garbage can having been stolen from the edge of my driveway (with the garbage in it!) about 6 months ago. I was like, damn, my trash service went far beyond expectations. :rofl:


145k according to the latest census. I would say that is spread over 18,000 square miles but over half of them are located in one “city” and about 1/2 of that city’s “residents” are college students.


The really interesting thing is after driving through Illinois most of the area is rual farmlands. Tons of conservative posters there. I’m thinking most of the state is ruled by Chicago. I’ve heard there is cities in Blue states that want to be removed from the state.


You are spot on Andrew265 - we lived and operated our business just west of downtown Sh*tcago - for 16 years - one day the light bulb turned on but was shot out with bullets so now we work and reside in rural Indiana a constitutional carry state - the counterpoint cannot be overstated - thank you for the comment


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I moved from Fort Wayne Indiana. Interesting thing it became constitutional carry when I moved there. You used to get some permet to open carry. I recently moved to Mississippi and it’s even more awesome here :grinning:


Yup, Cook county ran it when I lived there.
NV is run by Clark and Washoe counties so over 3/4 of the State is red.


That is how it goes.

There are a lot more voters in the relatively small city areas, per square mile, than out rural


No 3/4 of the state is not red unless you think that voters in the city do not count.

Counties, not people.


So you don’t believe in one person gets one vote, or a representative republic.

Good to know.

Of course they do, the Democrats rely on the ignorant masses, and gerrymandering helps when they need it, too, such in my suburban county district that is 95+% suburban county, with just enough of the city added to it to turn it Democrat.

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Sure I do but not when 75,000 votes show up at the last minute with addresses that are located under bridges.


Lets talk about gerrymandering, in the state of Wisconsin, Democrats hold 3 of the four statewide offices yet the State legislature have super majorities of Republicans in both houses, your right its very gerrymandered to the Republican advantage.

That does not mean it is gerrymandered, nor is that proof of such. That would be like going into the City of Richmond and claiming gerrymandering because most of the City Council are Democrats. I gather you never have heard the concept of “Red” states and “Blue” states?

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When the majority of Wisconsinites vote for three Democrats out of four statewide seats, yet can Republicans have a 67% majority in both state houses…

I guess a lot of Republicans voted for democrats in state wide elections.

Like that would happen…

So the districts, mapped by the state legislature, only gerrymandered the districts for state offices and not the districts for federal offices? I will be polite and assume you are just trolling.

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Lets see, their house of representatives, in districts created by the state legistlators

6 Republicans and 2 Democrats is their comprised Federal Representatives…

yet still Governor, Lt Governor and One Senator are Democrats…

Guess at whole lot of Republicans voted for Tammy Duckworth…