How To USCCA Community: Reply To

At the risk of man-splaining the community to people who have been here longer than me and have a higher IQ, I want to make sure everyone knows about this handy little feature on the USCCA community.

When someone replies to a post, it’s indicated in the upper right corner. (See highlight in the screen capture, below.) If you click on this, it will expand and show you the post that was replied to. This gives you, the reader, context on what was said.

I share this now because popular topics often get a number of cross-conversations going. In the past week alone, I’ve been involved in at least 3 misunderstandings where someone thought I was responding to them, but I wasn’t. This causes confusion, and then someone has to go file a hurt feelings report.

I know almost everyone is aware of this, but this is for any relatively new users who haven’t found it, yet. I hope this helps at least one person out. For the rest of us, it’s just a gentle reminder to follow the conversation(s) before you crank your outrage up to 11. The internet can be a difficult place to communicate.


All you have to do to ensure there is no misunderstanding is to highlight part of the original and select “quote.” That will place the text in a quote box as seen above.

Be aware that if you highlight the entire post, the forum software will silently discard it.


I remember the first time it did that to me. I was so confused! :laughing:

Also a neat feature, you can go back and quote previous posts even while you’re typing a response. Kind of tricky to do on a phone, especially if you have fat fingers like me. But it can be done.


That’s right - in fact, that’s the only way I can quote multiple individuals in the same response.

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To add to the confusion, I’ve noticed the notifications have been a little buggy, lately.

For example, sometimes I get a notification that someone has responded to me. But when I view the actual conversation, I’m not involved. Someone else was quoted or replied to. If I don’t read carefully, I could think someone is responding to me because I got a notification saying so. Conversely, sometimes I do get a direct response but I get no notification, which makes me wonder if someone else got it.

Bottom line: check our tempers before we launch verbal assaults on fellow community members. Many of our disagreements are caused by miscommunication.

feel that @Ouade5, I try also and It is more difficult on phone to keep good message etiquette.
I’m glad you opened this topic honestly hope this gain traction and @USCCA admins/moderators get useable input.