Odd response

Continuing the discussion from So I was just released from the USCCA Community jail…:

Wow! Karacal I was not ignoring you.
Yes, the response I received was…”Refresh your screen. Draft is being edited in another screen.”
Then, I was pushed into a fresh reply screen snd I totally rephrased what I said-same content but, said differently, and it went through.
When I saw your response, I tried to reply and suddenly I was told I had to resign in. No matter how many times I tried to resign in it failed.
I called the USCCA and spoke to JJ and she reported it to IT.
After I got off the phone I retried to retrieve the thread and this time I got through.
Maybe a user phone glitch? I’ve never had this happen before…
Nathan57 you are probably right and I hope I’ll learn it is my error.


It’s the 2024 Covid


Lol…You are undoubtedly right.


I just copy response form that another thread:

It happens when you start posting and switch to another thread.
If you are lost and don’t remember which thread you were replying to, just click CLOSE , then DELETE DRAFT. If you don’t want to lose content, copy it to “clipboard” (CTRL+C) and start new post in proper thread and paste the content using CTRL+V.


If you are using phone, these keyboard combinations don’t work.
You have to highlight all text by long press, choose COPY, then when you reply again, you do long press inside reply window and choose PASTE.

This is what I did here copying all text from another thread. 5 seconds and same reply in two threads :slightly_smiling_face:


Great advice! Thank you, Jerzees.
Do I remember correctly that you are European? I believe I saw that in a thread talking about caliber preferences.
Welcome to America. Probably way late to say that but, it is heartfelt never the less.
I agree that the 9mm is a good round. The Germans have used both the 7mm and 9mm in some truly fine sniper and hunting rifles.
I had a friend in Germany who was telling me about the 9mm sniper rifle that their security services were using and getting good results. Extremely accurate and with good range.
A Hungarian friend returned to his home and was given a 9mm rifle by his father to be used in hunting. He swears by it.
I’ve never been a big hunter. I’ve always felt that you should eat what you hunt, clean whatever you’ve shot yourself on site and leave the viscera for other critters to eat if in an appropriate place.
Thank you for all your help.


@Chris278 - thank you for the Welcome. It is never too late for this. I appreciate this.
I moved to USA almost 20 years ago.

That’s true that Europe has a long history of firearms. I still value H&K as the best polymer handguns ever made.
Even I had some experience with firearm living in Europe the real stuff started here in USA. Unlimited resources made me happy and I did everything to use those resources to become a knowledgeable person in this field.

I do not hunt. Even I know that milk doesn’t come from Jewel… hunting doesn’t fit my life style :wink:

I’m glad you joined us. You have been here for few months, but never been very active. I hope found this Community great source of knowledge.

Take care !


Thank you.
I know many people who have either earned their independence through work, inherited part and two have mostly doubled their money through shrewd use of their education coupled with inheritance. One simply won a MAJOR lottery and had an accountant, tax attorney and excellent multi-faceted financial advisors and he’s managed to stay out of the lime light ever since.
I simply don’t care about money. That’s probably why we became friends and stayed friends. That and the fact that I am a native Texan. Which endows me with the natural propensity to expound my naturally high level of masculine bovine effluvience (sp?). That’s the polite way of saying I am full of BS.
I meet with one or two of them and say after performing my due diligence, spending lengthy time with research and consulting experts, I have finely found my avenue for financial independence!
I will simply articulate and expound on my vast knowledge of absolutely nothing.
After about a minute, gleams of light appear in their eyes rapidly followed by laughter.
I bid a quick adieux and run as if an angry mother was chasing me out the door…


Chris.728, THIS IS SAD . And . THEY ARE PLAYING GAMES . It was not kool that this happened and . Nathan . Think’s being turned off . And you can not even . Say. Why this happened . For the first time . I was truly on my . OWN . Post. And . Mark .712. SHOWS UP . With . GRATE. JOB. I Am.At.THE RIGHT.PLACE. AND . Every single thing out of his. Mouth. Was trash . And . WE ALL RESPONDED. JUST LIKE THEY KNEW WE WOULD . AND THEY GOT WHAT THEY WANTED . . I have Looked at all the hours. And hours of training that I have DONE ON THE PROCTOR ACADEMY APP… AND I HAVE DONE AS MUCH AS ANYONE . The USCCA has members who are playing . Members .RIGHT OUT OF THE USCCA. :bangbang:and they could stop the trolls :troll: and . MEMBERS SAYING THINGS TO JUST MAKE THINGS WORSE . Even members that I have been friends with for a long time are showing their true colors . There is no reason for this . We are all . Being invaded by illegal foreigners that are here illegally . THAT . Even the government knows that they are . GOING TO . ATTACK.AMERICAN.CITIZENS. The enemy is here and we .Need to STICK TOGETHER… THIS IS VERY . SCARY… NOTHING LIKE THIS HAS EVER HAPPENED TO OUR .COUNTRY. Never . W.T.F. :us:

Jerzeeys. You are KOOL . I am thankful to have you as a friend brother we are night and day . But you are kind and know your .SHITTf. You are my friend and we Love you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: thank you for helping me brother . Here’s ya brothers a root beer :beer: :beer::beer::beer::beer::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::chile::us::100::100::feather::feather::heart::white_heart::blue_heart::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::bangbang::v:t5::sunflower::sunflower::sunflower::bangbang: