I have been posting for over a year especially to the topic I am having issues with. I am logged in. How do we fix this?
Getting this error:

You have reached the reply limit for this topic

We’re sorry, but new users are temporarily limited to 3 replies in the same topic.

Instead of adding another reply, please consider editing your previous replies, or visiting other topics.

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Hi @John1232 – You should be able to respond multiple times in the same thread, but not a bunch of times without someone else responding in between. So if you’re responding to five different comments, do one response and tag the people you’re responding to in the comment.

Basically, it’s to keep people from spamming a thread.

Will that solve the issue or did I read the issue wrong? :thinking:


One technique that works very well is to select part of a post to which you are replying, and quote it. Then reply beneath that citation. Then, select another partial post and continue until you have completed your full response. If you select an entire message to quote, the forum software won’t use it in your response.


I think you are on to part of the answer… However I think my username changed and my icon definitely changed (it was a wolf howling, now it is just a letter “J”. Plus e-mails used to go to my johnf account and now they are coming into my wish2no account.

I will log in later today and see if I can find one of my old posts and verify my "old"username which was John XXX (just had 3 numbers if I recall correctly) not the John 1232, unless I am mistaken.

Thanks for your assistance.

John Flannagan