Reply, Quote, and Tag Someone

If you haven’t made a comment in the USCCA Online Community, today is the perfect day to start!


To reply to a threat that has already been started, you can reply directly to a comment made by someone or you can reply at the bottom of the thread.

To reply directly to someone’s comment click the black and white reply button directly under their comment, labeled 1:

(#2 is if you need to edit your reply after you post it)

To reply in general to the thread, please use the blue reply button at the bottom of the thread


If you’d like to quote someone exactly, select the verbiage you’d like to quote, then click on the word Quote that pops up:

It will look like this in your comment box:

You can then create your response and click on the blue reply button to post your comment.

Tag Someone

If you’d like to get someone’s attention in your comment, you can tag them. Please insert @ in front of their name. If you’d like to get the moderator’s attention, just add @moderators to your comment.