How to Spot Fake News: taking shots at the vulnerable

----> Shots are being fired at the those most susceptible to believing fake news. Studies suggest 6 out of every 10 seniors are deceived by fake news articles.

Please share the following facts with those you love.


Are we referring to the same people that talk to telemarketers?




Gee, since we’re communicating in diagrams tonight …


Unfortunately, I can not find real sources of news anymore.

Without drastic detail… Being on here and being an active 2A supporter gave me the special benefit of being target of gun grabbers and law enforcement who turns their head because who else will they laugh at when they sit down & eat at Southren Maid Donuts?

I can’t name one U.S. news source that I trust. They all- left and right- tailor their headlines for their audience. They all feed on America’s addiction to outrage.

Plus, I’ve had multiple stories written about situations I’ve been in, and they’re always wrong. Embarrassingly wrong.


I don’t really pay any attention to any of the major fake news corporation,they are just assisting passing along the PTB that wants to control us,and the truth is in alternate media and even there you have to take it with a grain of salt,the only one that makes any sense is


I wish that is what the issue is.

Find the post from 2019 about me saying “Man gets killed by deer.” And I believed it.

What I am saying is even if I put it takes me to (fake site) last week i saw an article where Russia landed on Venus! The funny part is they don’t even know history because its mission was before our fist Apollo Mission.

What if I told you my Broadcaster on Channel three is not really channel three. I noticed the Louisiana Attorney General office pen on each jacket. The news was always so stupid. Don’t get me started with the “weather man” Like saying the Tornado was like a vacuum :joy: and it will suck you up. One Assistant AG would fight back abd forth with “weather man” which makes no since at all by the way.

I found them all on linked in as Louisiana AG go look up the guy who prosecuted Kayla. He did a great job and glad she is in prison. You can’t kill someone for calling you a name. It shows the importance of a a woman getting trained. Its sad for her ex husbands family and their kids. She killed him for calling her a b**ch in Wal-Mart Parking lot in front of her poor children. Maybe she did for her life but confessed after being Miranda warning was given that she shot him for a calling her the b word. USCCA paid ALOT of money for her which she will be sued back from USCCA.

BUT, I wouldn’t really do it coming from a person who wass going to be a lawyer but was framed for crimes by both those who were once close and law enforcement. They will lever leave me alone. Right now i have about no lie 20-25 Drones around my home. If i walk around my property which is completely dark no matter being tactical my position is compromised. Its so funny they use big pine trees for cover. Then you will see them stick out :joy: And now i have the FBI up my butt one is probably so close they could wipe my ass when getting off toilet. They just produced their spy plane. First thought it was coincidence and then was like okay maybe, now they almost land on me.

The only thing I am guilty of is loving Jesus Christ both Family friends, and guns oh did I say Food and LSU Football!!!

This is what is seen when Googling USCCA

Try the street map view from Highway 45.

Google Maps

First you have to define what “news” is. News is not editorial opinion. It is not a forecast or prediction. It is not a hypothetical opinion or postulation. “News” is a description of something that has happened or is happening. Why it happened and what might occur as a result is also not news. If you are listening to a newscaster that is not talking about a factual occurrence,then you are likely listening to fake news.


I would say the survey is flawed, a lot of older people have more life experience which allows them a better chance of detecting BS.

None the less most news, is not news, it’s commentary disguised as news.

Another thing when it comes to gun control is check the source, there is a well known anti-gun source of news in the U.S. owned by Michael Bloomberg and they are considered by many in media to be a unbiased source of information, which they not even close to being.

Another tip to recognize fake news is, how many news outlets are reporting the same story in the same manner sometimes using the same words, that is a serious fake news red flag.

While not totally free of FN or bias are news services such as AP or Reuters, with them you have a chance of getting the story before it is re-edited into the news that fits the publications views.

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So here is where I would like to mention that the USCCA Members think about considering our Membership and Community “Close Knit”…
Yes we bicker, take sides, and have different opinions. We also “Thumbs Up” each other too.
Perhaps I’m not making sense… I think that “Networking” more amongst Users would be a benefit.

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Well Said…

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Most of us fall into the category of “Does not play well with others.”


Yes, I get that…


@Eric88 , do you see the title beside my name?

Incase you cannot read., “HELPING HAND!” You have visited the community 42 days and have only 24 hours of reading time in which 3 of those hours from today.

You have created 105 posts… FYI that is a lot of things to say in just a little bit of time. Usually, I keep my fingers from typing something to start an argument. Usually, I would not entertain you. Even the only true God inspired Paul to write this to his friend Timothy,

"But have nothing to do with foolish and ignorant speculations [useless disputes over unedifying, stupid controversies], since you know that they produce strife and give birth to quarrels." [ii Timothy 2:23 AMP]

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Yes, I see that Randall…
Your doing great!

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sadly all too often nearly everything coming from the MSM and big tech has PROVEN over and over to be false or heavily biased…

it could be considered outright lying… IIRC the O administration passed a law that allowed this kinda thing…

also sadly this… for many does not become apparent until well after the issue has seemingly passed…

and the MSM and big tech start something all together new and sensationalized…

sad really… hard to find accurate reports… have to look all over for information…

used to read time, newsweek, and the old soldier of fortune mags to get some idea…

figured the real truth was somewhere in between…

the real issue is what can we do to force or pressure the MSM and big tech to come clean…

not sure there is much we can do… sadly… except start avoiding them???

which might cut into their profits? and reduce their power over us???


Please forigive me @Eric88, I was having a horrible day.