How to become a millionaire

A fun mental exercise I think.

I was watching a news story on how a guy supposedly became a millionaire. He lived in a medium to large city in the 50s or 60s. He put in a countdown ad starting at 20 days which said:

You have 20 days to send me $1 and listed his address.

The next day it said you have 19 days to send me $1. At the end of 20 days he was a multi millionaire. Seems like I learned in school that was illegal but if it isn’t it would be a great way to get money for the coming (name your apocalypse).

With the websites out now asking for donations to help pay this or that, could it work? What would be the best excuse to ask for money that wouldn’t land you in jail?

Just send me $5?
I want to buy some land?
Repair my home?
I need guns and more ammo?


Let us know when you have it figured out.


Send me a $1.00 or Jo Bite Me remains president
Send me $2.00 or Camala becomes president
Send me $10.00 or Karine Jean-Pierre is installed as president
Send me hundreds of dollars and “you can keep your doctor “


I’m setting up a go fund me for my dog……

She’s not sick, she just misses me while I’m at work.

For just a $20 donation you can help her have a happier future!


I mean honestly I think you can ask for a donation for just about anything. Now I wouldn’t do something that’s obvious fraud or take advantage of people’s sympathies like saying you’re funding a mission trip to help kids in Guatemala or need money for cancer treatment or something. I’m not going to try it but I have wondered if you just posted about wanting to buy a new gun or need to repair your home if you would actually get anyone to bite lol I’d imagine you might get a couple bucks.


Soooo,…. If I add that her happiness will be greatly influenced by the acquisition of a Barrett M82 .50bmg it will help my cause!?!?:grin::grin::grin:


Well I’d donate to that! hahaha


I could make a lot of streamers for Trout fishing from Her, send me some clippings. :laughing:



I have seen some really questionable go fund me causes though!

From basically crying about breaking their tablet, to blatant scams.

Color me too honest, but even when I was homeless I couldn’t bring myself to panhandle. (And the number of blatant scammers panhandling is why I don’t donate)

I guess I’ll have to do the whole millionaire thing the hard way….:cry:


Hah! She is due for a haircut! :thinking:. Last time I trimmed a whole plastic grocery bag full of fur off of her.


I have that same problem! Too honest to try and become a millionaire that way lol

All kidding aside though I’ve seen those too! Sometimes I wonder if there are just people out there that are addicted to donating to people or just have a ton of money and want to make someones day lol I’d be like you though and don’t think I could bring myself to panhandle out of necessity and definitely not just to get some quick cash


I’m working on my second million.

I gave up on the first. :wink: :wink:

The way I heard it (about 50 years ago) the ad read “Last chance to send a dollar! Hurry; time is running out!”

Even if there is a completely non-illegal way to solicit donations, you have to keep the tax man in mind. For an individual it would amount to taxable income. For a corporation (any of the many varieties) there’s a mountain of paperwork to establish it, then more paperwork to fulfill the reporting requirements, and you still have to pay taxes. Sounds like a lot of work, and inviting a lot of scrutiny.



Thinking about it, I’ve made a touch over 100k for the last 15 years……. So I guess I’m working on my second million too!!! :+1:

Trouble is, I spent it all, housing and children are expensive!

Ohh, and I like to eat,… guns aren’t cheap either……

Soo, yeah, I’m scraping to put together deductible for my household hail repairs, plus another couple k to pay for painting the rest of the house the insurance won’t pay for!:dotted_line_face::dotted_line_face::skull:


Me, too! Let me see…100k over 15 years = 150 years to make $1,000,000.00

I don’t think I’m going to make it. :frowning_face:


Definitely not gonna make it to a Billion!

But I’m thinking your math is a bit off there….:thinking:

(To clarify, I made 100k annually, not over the course of 15 years.)


This is what I see more and more out here, they are asking for money to fix the entire left side of the car when they were drunk and hit the guardrail.


Stupidity is, and should be expensive, painful, or both at the same time!



$5.00!!! WOW! Inflation.
A Homeless guy on the street yesterday had a sign
Combat Vet I need $10.00. I gave it to him.
He looked so shocked I got a kick out of it.
Hey, he had to Cojones to ask for that what the hell.

Mi dos Ruble’s!


It is. A gallon of gas back then was around $0.20 and now depending on the state it’s $3.25 - $4.00 or more. My uncle said he would never give to panhandlers because of the panhandler has a parked caddy across the street most likely.