Instant Karma

In the past month, I’ve been making my mail lady earn her pay. Boxes of bullets from RMR coming in and various boxes of brass going out. My sons have recently turned into range range rats. They’ve been sorting, and in some cases cleaning, brass to sell on my MeWe account.

She caught up with me today and asked if I was selling ammunition. I told her that the heavy boxes coming in were just the bullets and the boxes going out only contained empty brass cases. She then wanted to know if I had a source for defensive ammo because she’s had a really hard time finding it. She was very appreciative when I told here I will get her a 50-round box of HSTs from my safe. In the end, I just gave them to her since she never complained about the heavy boxes and always has a smile ready for me and my boys.

Not 10 minutes later, a guy I sold RMR 9mm FMJs to at my cost a month ago and chatted about the sad state of affairs with f*ing scalpers, pinged me to say he found some SPPs at a good price and would sell me a 1k box for what he paid for them.

Good guys are still out there. Don’t despair. Let’s keep watching out for each other’s backs.


My local buy sell weekly rag had great deals a couple weeks ago on ammunition and firearms… now that prices are decreasing jackasses have started selling ammo and firearms higher than the lgs😂

At some point, the scalpers will get caught with their pants down. Hope it comes soon.


I wouldn’t call them scalpers… uneducated speculaters works better, they already missed the boat in my area.


Instant Karma is a contradiction in terms. Karma is part of Hindiusim and not what most people westerners think. Its not that you get back what you do in this life, its supposed to be you get it back in the next life, but since you have no memory of this one, in fact you may not even be human next time around. its inherently unjust since you are supposedly punished for bad things you don’t know you did.

And yoga is primary a spiritual exercise not a physical one.

The market is improving, But its not happening at light speed though, I was tell someone the other day that if no one bought ammo for a week what would the effect be?

Whats that saying feast or famine. Its never in the middle.