How often do you do you change your recoil springs?

I was told by Sig to change my recoil spring on my Sig P365 every 3000 rounds using +p ammo otherwise 5000 rounds with regular ammo. Is it a good idea to change the springs on my other semiautomatics after 5000 rounds?


the only thing I change on my 1911 Colt is the bumper stop
the spring has never been changed in 30 years
still works great as long as the ammo is in spec.



Firearms are like cars. To keep them reliable and in good shape you do the maintenance according to manufacture’s recommendations. Unless you don’t want to do this that way. :wink:

If you want to find your maintenance schedule, try to shoot more rounds than recommended amount and observe your handgun. If you never see any differences with firearm’s functionality nor experience any malfunctions, then 2,000 or 3,000 rounds more should be ok.

I personally never count. I know my training pattern and approximate monthly round-count and I know the recoil spring need to be changed if one of these occurs:

  • slide reciprocates slower / lighter / differently
  • ejected casing constantly flies more than 6 feet away
  • failure to feed with ammo that never gave this malfunction before

I shoot mostly 1911 and 2011 platforms and observed that +/- 5,000 rounds for regular spring is the moment for replacement.
For EDC pistol - no discussion here, no matter what, even spring still seems to be OK - it’s gonna be replaced and test fired.

You can always go with standard rules:

  1. follow manufacturer’s instructions
  2. change recoil spring every 5,000 rounds (barrel 3.6" and longer) or every 3,000 rounds (barrel 3.5" and shorter). Some handguns require even more frequent maintenance, like CZ RAMI 2075 - every 1,500 rounds.
  3. If you use FLAT WIRE recoil spring, you don’t have to worry about low round-count. These springs are rated for 40,000 rounds.

I was told this :point_down: some time ago and it had been sitting in my mind since then:
If you have spent $500 or more for the firearm, it is better to change $5 spring every 3,000 rds than risking handgun’s failure. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It went a bit off topic, but I asked the same question not long ago:

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Mea culpa, Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa…

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See the owner’s manual or manufacturer’s website