Pistol Recoil Spring Replacement

Other than counting total rounds fired, what are the indicators the recoil spring is worn out and needs to be replaced?


Issues going back into battery. Feeling the slide “bottom out” when firing. The latter can also happen when buying some of the new brands of Turkish ammo out there as of late :roll_eyes:. Stuff makes my NATO stash seem anemic :hear_no_evil:


First indicator is when your casing is ejected more than 6 feet away from you.
It is just a basic rule. Observe the ejected casing with new recoil spring to see what is the standard distance. When the recoil spring becomes weak the distance of ejection is way longer than usual.


I though it was when the hot brass flies into my hoodie😉


That’s a Glock thing, mostly. Starting with Gen4. Or right between the eyes.

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Ejection different than 3 o’clock - 5 o’clock shows an extractor problems… in most cases…
Glock usually is excluded from any diagnostic patterns. :wink:


Components of a pistol cartridge include primer, propellant, case and bullet.

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What is the case about? :wink:

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I know sausage meat and spices are packed in casings, but the correct term for the, typically metal, object that houses the primer, propellant, and holds the bullet, is case. It is basic firearm knowledge, yet you pose this ignorant question?

Do you know that this metal part can be called “case”, “casing” or “shell”?
Looks I had 1/3 chances to make you happy and I’m sorry to disappoint you…

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Incorrectly, you can call it whatever you want. In a pistol, which is what I referenced, as that is what is being discussed, the correct term is case. From the article I linked to it clearly states “[c]ases (rifle and handgun)”. Now, back to the topic of the thread. I mistakenly thought you could learn, but I keep forgetting you know everything already.

This thread has been already fulfilled.
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I was unaware of your adulation of me… but no thanks

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