Firearms Maintenance: It’s Spring Time! | USCCA Blog

Those new to shooting may have a lot of questions about firearms maintenance — one of those being how often to change springs in their handguns. It is an important question. And I’m happy that new shooters are thinking about keeping their handguns in tip-top order. There are a lot of misconceptions out there concerning spring failure. Most of the misconceptions center around a need for regular to frequent replacements for reasons that range from excessive use to “metal fatigue” from age.

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I appreciate you taking the time to write about firearms maintenance as it is, in my opinion, essential for gun owners to be proficient in this area. I have had issues with a Colt Defender (.45 ACP) slinging brass into my forehead leaving abrasions. Someone had recommended that I have a gunsmith file the ejector, which I did and now the gun constantly jams and I regret having this done. My Colt 1991 does the same thing and they are the only handguns that I have which exhibit this issue. I bought the Defender as a CCW but will not carry it for fear of putting an eye out if I need to use it. I am right handed and left eye dominant, which is a contributing factor. Was having the ejector filed the right call or did I wind up with a low talent gunsmith? Perhaps an article on deciding when to have work done on a gun and what some common modifications are and issues they resolve. I liked the information on springs provided in the article. Also, Can you recommend an article on ammunition storage, why it goes bad, and useful life?