About the What's Your Malfunction? category

Have you got (firearms) issues? Chances are another community member has had or has seen the same. Just field-striped that new gun for the first time and can’t get it back together? Check-in here before taking a trip to your local gunsmith.

Disclaimer: Be responsible with the advice you give and take, and always seek out a qualified gunsmith or expert when needed. Be aware of and follow laws regarding firearm ownership and modification.

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If you have been shooting and never had single malfunction… you haven’t been shooting enough :wink:

Buying good quality firearm minimizes chances of its failures. But there is no way to avoid malfunctions related to ammunition. Thx God, so far I’ve never experienced SD ammo problems, but target one can surprise each of us. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Advice? Practice a lot. “Tap-rack” can fix most of problems when time is crucial. Otherwise, observe the firearm and take your time. Know your tools and methods to fix them.
Firearms, especially semi autos are simple tools and most of users can take care of them by themselves without visiting gunsmith.
The most important thing the time we find malfunction: always follow 4 gun safety rules before, during and after clearing the malfunction. (including: “don’t panic”, “never run across the range to show malfunction to others”)

Anyway… I’m very curious what kind of issues other members experience with their firearms.

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Little issues here and there with some P80 home builds, had to grind a bit off the locking block of the SC model to get it to cycle, others have required hotter ammo for break in. NATO is my “super unleaded” known as “hi-test” back in the day.
Bent feed lips on M14 mags feeding that 7.62x51 at “full semi auto speeds” to a non “full semi auto” rifle makes the chamber area look like the 95 in DC at rush hour.
Too large a radius on the end of an aftermarket recoil rod for a Glock had the rod popping off the butt plate, and another rods undersized diameter had that one popping through the muzzle side.
Trigger spring “falling over” on a Glock kept it from firing. That one was pretty puzzling until I compared it to another gun. Guess it was spring change time.
Bent hammer spring on an AR, mfg mis diagnosed, dealer did a no fix fix, another case of comparing to a functional gun and changing what was different.
Latest is hard primers on some 9mm, so changed striker springs on new pins to a heavier tension for the affected pistols. Haven’t installed them yet, but those striker assemblies are ready to go.
Edit…broke an op rod on my G43 today. Have spares.

SAME OLD SONG >>> other than a miss fire I’ve never had a failure to fire. I’ve only had my permit to carry for 53 years. That’s why a wheel
gun is always my first choice but not my last choice. No slap rack crackle pop. Works every time with any kind of amo, GET YOU SOME OF THAT
for self defense or target, may not have as many shots as a auto loader
But they will go bang every time. ( old school )
PS: not hard to take apart and, by they are all metal / alloy.

So, this category ISN"T for R. Lee Ermey quotes?

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I think that sums up life in general.


If it goes pop instead of bang STOP!! Clear your gun. Remove the magazine and lock the slide back then check to see if your barrel is clear! This is a squib. When the bullet is lodged in the barrel, and you shoot again your gun is most likely going to explode! That is how serious it is.
If you are new to shooting and something goes wrong, dump the magazine, pull the slide to the rear and clear any rounds in your gun. Practicing problems should be done with dummy rounds before actually trying it at the range. Familiarize yourself with these steps first.
If you have a problem that you are not sure of, ask your RO (Range Officer) but place gun down with port side up showing the chamber with the slide locked back and with the barrel pointed down range.