How NOT to contact your representatives


As responsibly armed Americans, we are passionate about our Second Amendment rights and are willing to take a stand for them in the political arena. However, this is NOT the way to contact your representative:


I’m not sure what this guy was thinking. I am 100% for letting your representative know how you feel, however, this was not the way to do it… What are your thoughts?


I agree 100% This was not the way to do it. And this guy must not have seen that some radical liberals have done the same type of things to Conservatives and GOP members. And in some cases they were arrested and charged. And it seems that to the liberals this type of action is just fine. Because they know that they in most cases won’t have anything done to them. Now this article did say what this guys party was but that still doesn’t matter he still should not have done it.


This is why I often say that we, as pro-2A gun owners, can often be our own worst enemies. Death threats get nothing but prison time. Videos of morons doing stupid things with guns should not be spread around for all to see because they can be easily used to smear us all as irresponsible idiots. Even open carry protests can create unnecessary backlash. There are many productive ways to promote the Second Amendment. Write CIVIL letters and e-mails to your representatives and senators at the State and Federal levels. Be FRIENDLY and teach potential new shooters to be safe and have fun, especially those who may not be your “traditional” shooter type (i.e. male conservatives from rural areas). We need to police ourselves and stop shooting ourselves in the foot, both literally and figuratively.