How many think a first time gun owner should get a Glock

For a “1st timer” carrying their gun, when would you have them disengage the safety?


Not to guess @Burdo’s answer, but for myself —

For the actual first time 1st timer in live fire at the range, I will disengage the safety of a firearm loaded with a single round — after I’ve placed it in their hands and established a good grip while all is pointed downrange. Repeat as needed, to everyone’s comfort.

In a broader sense, for a beginning shooter once they are running the gun, they will deactivate the safety after the full grip is established and the pistol is oriented in a safe direction. Basically after lifting from the table or drawing from the holster, forming a 2-handed grip in a firing stance, and presenting downrange. Again, starting with just a single round in the gun.

All the live fire activity follows orientation, familiarization, and dry fire practice with an empty gun under actual or simulated range conditions. In due course the safety will be released with a 1-handed grip as soon as clear of bench or holster and oriented downrange — but first things first. Initially, quite a bit slower and later than at eventual “defensive crisis” pace.

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