What questions have you heard from someone new to firearms?

There is a huge group of people who are very recently new to firearms. When I was new to firearms, I didn’t have the online resources we do now. I asked people at the range (who weren’t always excited to help a newbie female), I asked friends who were hunters (who didn’t always know about handguns), and I read books and magazines (yes, I’m dating myself here :wink: ).

Today it’s much easier to talk about firearms with those who have experience and some are even instructors online - and the USCCA Community is one of those great online places.

So let’s combine our knowledge and help out those who are new to firearms!

What questions have you heard from someone new to firearms?

This thread is not to talk poorly about people who have recently exercised their Second Amendment right for the first time or recently changed their mind about the Second Amendment. This thread is to help everyone learn and improve their ability to defend themselves and their loved ones.



Aren’t you worried it will go off?

What if you drop it?

Have you ever had to shoot someone?

What happens if it starts firing full auto?

Aren’t you nervous carrying a gun everywhere?

Why do you need a gun, we have the police?

Lots of others that are more appallingingly …personal/ignorant


“Will it kick much?”

Most of the first time shooters have scared themselves about recoil before they ever take a shot.


The one I get the most is which one should I buy and I hate this question because I know what I like doesn’t translate into what works for anyone else.

I always reccomend Glock, Sig Sauer, and Smith and Wesson brands because in my opinion they are equally reliable, very easy to find and offer lots of models to fit a wide range of specific needs/wants.

What caliber is another popular one. My answer to that is if it’s a caliber you wouldn’t mind being shot with you probably need a bigger caliber.


Is this one of those automatics?
Will I go deaf?
Does it kick?
Does it have a safety?
Can I shoot that?
I actually like questions. It tells me, someone thinks enough of watching what I am doing, to assume I’m competent.

Since I coach a kids rifle team, I’m used to being nice, and answering with a smile.


How to keep this damn thing?

1 minute later:

What do I do now?

after 2 minutes of watching shaking hands and muzzle:

Can I shoot now?

(this procedure also applied to me, when I was introduced to a first handgun… ) :shushing_face:


What is the best for protection?

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What can you possibly answer to this one? Not to appear rude or condescending.



Ride the lightning

Pretty much. I have had some massively strange questions asked of me.

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I’ve learned too change my perspective of these questions.

I worked with a guy who was in the army. He as SF and airborne qualified. Served multiple tours overseas. I thought he was crazy. You’d never get me to voluntarily jump out of a perfectly good airplane. As we talked he thought I was just as crazy for serving onboard a submarine.

The point people fear what they don’t know. I’ve never jumped out of a plane. He’s never been on a submarine. For new gun owners or people new to guns the only thing they know is what they’re told. Watch the news that is who is educating people who know nothing about guns and have no exposure to them. They think because of the fear fueled by a willful ignorance people don’t know how ignorant the questions they ask are. I truly believe it’s not all their fault.

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I’ve been certed in HALO and HAHO, jumped out of perfectly good airplanes dozens of times. But I can’t ski water or snow if my life depended on it.

My brother was a Nuke on a sub and I would have never changed places with him.


We had a saying. There’s a lot more airplanes on the bottom of the ocean than there are submarines at 30,000 ft.


Keep it down range until the mag runs dry. That gun is malfunctioning.

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I asked this kind of question more than ten years ago. I received what I thought then, and still think now, was an excellent answer - look at well-known manufacturers and find one that fits comfortably in your hand. Heavier is better, especially for larger calibers.


What’s a hammer fired? What’s a striker fired? Why do they call it a wheel gun? Why does everyone call it a clip? Assault rifle? Armalite Armalite…. We were at a trap club with the youth the other day, and the coach will not let the kids shoot until the lightening was a distance away…right?..one of the youngsters asked why? Good question! Coach said “lightening rod” as he was holding a shotgun…then the coach explained more in detail. Youngster said something like wow!

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I cancelled 4H practice because of lightning, sighting that same thing. With this added, “I don’t want to hold a lightning rod, full of explosives in a storm.”

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I forgot about the explosives!!! Good point!!! zap bang sizzle, no not good!

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Snap, crackle, POP!

I’d like to add that TWO buyers I know personally chose Weapons that must have been inspired by Westerns or Films. One chose a .44 Mag & the other a .45 semi.
In my opinion neither is a good CCW choice for folks who have ZERO familiarity with Handguns.
Both recoil like a B*tch to someone who has never fired a Handgun! Thus Both men now own guns they’ll never use since they didn’t consult with a firearms knowledgeable person and Don’t want to buy what Should have been a good initial choice.
One is a good friend & now has tried a couple of My 9MMs & wants to Trade with me😖

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