How long is this ammo shortage going to last?

S&W .40 might be available but 9mm is crazy expensive. Cabela once upon a time had it for 15-20c a cartridge right now Cabela is all dried. Whoever sell online not selling it for less than 50c a piece.

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Yep. Seeing 9mm FMJ for over $1/round. Who is paying those prices? At that price point, it’s cheaper to use HPs at the range.

As reported in another thread, my personal ammo shortage has been remedied today as I took delivery of the cartridges I ordered 11 weeks ago.

Whew! Now I can go back to the range.

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Yeah - this is becoming aggravating. I have some ammunition but never enough. Popular ammunition spot online sold 17, thousand-round cases since last night. I had a case in my cart that I planned on buying today but they took it out!!! Luckily, there was another brand available so I got that but still…
VERY little 9mm, 22s, or .223 anywhere. A box or two, here and there starting out about $0.40/round which, IMO, is crazy expensive but hey; 20 cents each but you can’t get them or 40 cents each and you can… :thinking: :question:
Certainly won’t be any range time or plinking until all this is over. I’m glad for the manufacturers as they should do well during this uncertain time and Lord knows we need our businesses to do well - especially now. Still, my pew-pews come from money obtained from the work I must go to and do every day to earn it. Every increase in the price hurts.

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A couple of days ago, the CEO of Brownells was on a financial channel, he was asked How long? He predicted that the ammo shortage will continue until 3rd quarter of next year.
FYI, don’t kill the messenger :flushed:

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Thanks, Mr. Helper! :astonished: …and the hits just keep on comin’! LOL!
Guess get what you can get and you’ll have what you have.

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My local indoor range has ammo for use on premises only $30/50rds .38 Spl. The price for 9mm probably similar. :scream:
Definitely not a cheap date, so train like you fight—make every shot count :+1:

I can’t believe how much worse it has gotten the last couple of weeks. It’s not just price, ammo is hard to find at any price. 9MM is insanely unavailable.

For those interested, Midway has what (for current conditions) is a good deal ($0.80/round) on bulk training ammo. Because they are Federal HST training rounds they could be pressed into self-defense use if supplies of the Personal Defense version run too low.

I’ve mentioned it several times - use

MaxxTech 9mm 115GR FMJ 1000 Rounds - free shipping, no CC fees - $0.42 per round.
It is still a lot, but there is no reason to pay $800 for 1000box of training ammo :scream:


Agree. If you’re patient and keep checking there are still decent deals to be found. Been lucky on price with auctions that end early in the morning on weekends. Especially Sunday.

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I’m down to 75rds of personal defense and 250rds of range ammo. I just ordered another 200rds of Speer Gold Dot LE 147gr HP, but it was .80/rd… It was the cheapest price I could find

Another good deal, $0.25 on Sellier&Bellot 9mm 115gr FMJ

Gun Broker does indeed have some good deals. The interesting thing about the $0.80 Federal HST training rounds I mentioned was if you shoot Federal HST normally, or if you want to shoot JHP for training, it is a good deal. But certainly you can do better if you want FMJ and Gun Broker does have a number of options. Gun Broker, on the other hand, is terrible for name-brand defensive ammo. Prices are running $2-3/round! In an emergency I would go for that, but a little patience will let one do better elsewhere.

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As always folks take advantage of the situation. In Feb of this year I bought S&B 115’ and 124’s, fun, for a tad over $9/box when buying by the case… wish now I’d bought a couple more cases☹️

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My supplier tells me that the copper mines in South America that supply American ammo makers are shut down because of covid. He’s being told that he shouldn’t expect ammo from the manufacturer in Roswell for a year.

So… just an update in NW IL… as of yesterday (when I went in to check), my local range has started only selling SD ammo with the purchase of a firearm (range ammo still available, but for shooting on the range only). A few months ago they started limiting SD ammo to 2 boxes per caliber. Then, when I went in a week or two ago they were at one box per customer. Now it’s only with the purchase of a firearm. I’m not complaining, just noting it.

I recently stopped by Cabelas and didn’t see any 380, 9, 40, 45, 357sig or magnum, and 44 spl or magnum (or at least they were gone within a few hours of having them in stock). I did see a couple boxes of 22Mag, 25 auto, 41 magnum, and 460 Rowland. Typical, hunting, bolt action calibers were available, i.e. 7mm Rem Mag. I didn’t check what kinds of shotgun ammo was available, but the shelves were pretty full with it.

Not getting much better in Jacksonville, FL either.

Called the range last Friday afternoon, which was usually a busy time. Was told there were lanes available, but I had to bring my own ammo. Talked to the manager and managed to make a deal - ammo for training classes. I brought in 1000 rounds of 9mm and they gave me credit to be used for training classes. I usually take a Threat Focus class there at least once a month and sometimes I bring my kids, so i figure I’m getting over $400 value out of it. I could have sold it straight out for more to the people hanging around when I came in, but getting “free” training seemed like a good enough deal.

Selling my factory ammo stock and using it for trades, I was able to set myself up with a Dillon reloading press and enough 9mm components for 2+ years of ammo based on current usage.

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CheaperThanDirt was selling some target rounds. For a little more than $1 a round.

They were selling bulk reloads for $2 a round. I said no.

It will last at least a year, and that’s insiders talking.

:scream: $1 per round… are we talking about caliber 800MM?

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