How do you load a Remington 700?

I just bought a Remington 700 3006 from a local outfitter/gun shop.
For some reason (jedi mind trick) I didn’t realize until I got home that the firearm was pre-owned.
It did not come with a magazine, lock, box or instructions. I was buying it with my daughter who was paying for it for me as my Christmas present.

Do you just cram the rounds down the ejection port or something?
I pushed a button on the inside of the trigger guard and a flap popped open cutting my finger, fun!

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I bet you can find the owner’s manual online.
But the short answer is yes. If it doesn’t have a detachable magazine you open the bolt and press the cartridges down from the top. Be sure to push each one rearward. You can also hold them down and close the bolt over the top of the cartridges on an empty chamber.


Congrats on the new/ used rifle. Remington 700 is all I use for big game.

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I suggest you telephone Remington. A nice customer representative will probably send you an owner’s manual for free.

Perhaps, you can go back to where you purchased said rifle and ask for help.

There are probably 1,000 videos on YouTube that explain how to safely load and unload a Model 700.

Aren’t you supposed to have the rifle in the picture — with the action closed? Yeah, I know keeping the action closed keeps dust from getting inside.

@Robert1246 Somehow you don’t look like a Tweedy. :rofl:
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Thanks for the laugh. :rofl:

Google can be your friend. Have fun!

There are three types of Model 700 rifles: one with a FLOOR PLATE, one without a FLOOR PLATE and one with a DETACHABLE MAGAZINE BOX.

hmm… this person sounds like they are pretty young? perhaps??? and fairly new to guns?..

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