How do you keep it concealed?

Aloha shirt in hot weather, larger sweatshirt in cooler weather seem to be my defaults.


Most of the year I’m wearing some type of sweatshirt or flannel, summer is the only tough season. A good holster and belt, buy shirts a size bigger than usual usually does the job. I’m also not too concerned about printing, most people have their faces buried in their phones nowadays


+1 :+1:t4: on everyone emphasizing the need for a good belt.


Perfect concealment is overrated for two reasons. First, it has been my observation in my own more than 20 years of concealed carry that nobody has actually noticed.

On some occasions I carry a full size 1911; on other occasions I carry a Glock 17. I carry in a thumb break leather holster on my hip. Variously I wear a business suit, or a denim shirt untucked, or my Tommy Bahama shirt untucked, or a windbreaker jacket, or such else.

I walk past security guards in stores, even stores with the No Gun decal on the door, without drawing their attention as far as I’m aware. Not once in those more than 20 years have I been challenged. Simply moving about naturally and the consequent movement of clothing, make the carry undetectable for all practical circumstances.

I also have found that this question arises from those who are more or less inexperienced with concealed carry.


Agreed. I remember when I started carrying concealed years back. For the first few weeks I thought that everyone around me had “X-Ray Vision” and could see my gun through anything and everything that I was wearing. Like you said, most people are clueless.

Stay safe out there.



Yeap… I got the same… And as always…TV helped to expand my imagination :sunglasses:


I carry a full-sized 9mm IWB, at about the 8:30ish position, just behind the beltloop on my left hip. Tucked in tee shirt, and a way oversized unbuttoned button-down on top. As I’m pretty heavy, it works decently well, and being old, disabled and not caring what people think of the way I dress helps too.
If I had a lick of fashion sense I’d never go out looking like this. :smile:


Me too!


What I carry varies depending on what I’m wearing, what I’m doing, and where I’ll be.

A good belt makes a huge difference and I would say is the single most important part of concealed carry if attached to your belt. We can tolerate an uncomfortable holster and some may print more than others but a bad belt will droop and have you pulling at your pants and the gun constantly.

I carry an H&K P30SK or a Taurus 738 most of the time. Occasionally I carry a Walther P22. Almost always IWB at the 4 o’clock position as it prints much less for me there. The 738 is small enough I can pocket carry in a kydex holster (or IWB) and is my solution for when I’m wearing more close fitting shirts. Occasionally I’ll open carry - like when hunting or working around my parent’s farm.

But there are other options - like ankle holsters, sticky holsters, shoulder rigs and custom lift rigs that make for good options. In both days of winter here in Florida I’d consider a shoulder rig for ease of use, comfort, and concealability and it would allow me to more easily carry a larger pistol like a P30, P30L, or a full sized Glock.

Adaptability is critical for concealed carry. Being able to adapt to your planned activities, locations, and clothing choices is a big part of carrying a weapon and no one size fits all people. Finding a good solution takes time and it may not be with the gun you currently own.


As a small petite female I enjoy more form fitting clothes. HOWEVER I have learned to wear darker print tops, and almost always a blazer or topper style shirt because safety is more important than fashion! I carry every day.


75% of people are obliviously paying attention to their phones and mass media, we, the other 25% are the ones paying attention. Anyone who notices that I’m carrying is probably carrying themselves, because they know what to look for. Concealed means concealed! I travel deeply concealed and go about my business as normal, carrying is a very normal thing, like wearing socks! I don’t concern myself if my white socks peek out! No one notices. I would recommend to anyone new to carry, don’t freak out or flinch when someone gets to close to you or bumps you in the grocery store, be as nonchalant as possible. They don’t know it’s a firearm! You were just glad to meet them. LOL The only people that know you’re carrying is us!
The only places I would not take the chance, are post offices, TSA gates (airports are fine), police stations, schools and court houses and anywhere it’s federally illegal!


In Illinois this carries the force of law:

If you carry past the sign you have put yourself in a hole you may not be able to dig yourself out of!

Just sayin’


Exactly why most of us do not live there and will never go there. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I hear you!

It is not the best of places but not the worst. I posted the sign as an example of knowing what the law is and dealing with it appropriately.

I hear too many in this community expressing the opinion that they flaunt the law where they are, in the name of self defense.

If you use a firearm in a prohibited location you start out behind the eight ball. If you don’t / can’t legally use it what good is having it. In particular the loss of any ability to legally carry.

I drop a lot of these cards:

no business

I have seen the signs come down in several locations.


I hear you brother, I have boycotted several business even in my small town.
I would still rather have it then not. Just to many shootings in the gun free zones. :thinking:


ISRA lost all my respect after the crap they pulled a couple of months ago. Now they get zero dollars.

I’ve got some like this as well.


Arizona also


This :point_up_2:t4:


You’re absolutely right, but this one is permanent!

I noticed they changed the color scheme! Please don’t take offense, but my daddy once told me when you’re in a hole, stop digging.
Hence the reason I planted myself and my family to a freedom part of a once free nation.
There are plenty of signs to avoid …legal federally “mandated” signs should always be avoided!

The most dangerous place on the planet! Some serious studies have shown that from 1998 - 2018 *97.8% of shooting incidents took place in a gun free zone.