how dictators use gun control


All in the name of saving us from ourselves. :roll_eyes:
A dictator by any other name is still…


U.S. blocks firearms sellers from selling machine gun converters

Story by Jonathan Stempel • Yesterday 2:50 PM

NEW YORK, Jan 26 (Reuters) - The U.S. Department of Justice said it obtained a court order blocking two firearms companies from imperiling public safety by illegally selling devices to convert AR-15-type rifles into machine guns.

U.S. District Judge Nina Morrison in Brooklyn on Wednesday issued a temporary restraining order against Florida-based Rare Breed Triggers LLC and Rare Breed Firearms LLC, and their owners.

The Justice Department said the defendants have sold thousands of devices known as FRT-15s, that are designed and intended to convert AR-15-style semiautomatic firearms into machine guns.
It said those devices are therefore classified as machine guns under federal law, and did not qualify for the limited exceptions permitting their sale.

The defendants were not immediately available for comment.

Attorney General Merrick Garland said the Justice Department will do “everything in its power to protect the American people from gun violence and to hold accountable those that flood our communities with illegal guns.”

A federal civil complaint made public on Thursday accused the Rare Breed defendants of mail fraud, wire fraud and conspiring to defraud the United States.

It seeks to ban FRT-15 sales and recover previously sold devices with refunds going to buyers. (Reporting by Jonathan Stempel in New York; Editing by David Gregorio)


I feel So So So much Safer knowing AG Garland is looking out for my safety, my liberties and the rule of law. He is the most trusted civil servant and really cares. :roll_eyes:




Machine gun…smdh. It’s a shame that so many idiots believe everything they hear.
From “Attorneys for Freedom”, and something hopefully we all knew anyways.
About the Rare Breed Triggers and FRT-15 Trigger
Rare Breed Triggers, LLC, is an Orlando-based trigger manufacturer that makes the drop-in FRT-15 (forced reset trigger). What makes the FRT-15 so unique is that the trigger is reset very quickly after a shot is fired when the bolt carrier group returns forward. This allows for extremely fast follow-up shots, but the trigger must still be pulled each time a round is fired.

,…and now, back to those thousand round a minute Glocks…


I’m curious :thinking: does anybody at The DOJ actually know what a forced reset trigger is? All it does is reset the trigger to where it allows another shot. It still operates as a semi automatic. One trigger squeeze per round fired. I can literally fire as fast or faster than what a FRT does. Do I. No I don’t. Ammo is to expensive for me to go the range and blast away like that.

This is the kind of a) Stupidity, b) intellectual dishonesty I have come to expect from Gun Control supports.


Too bad AG Garland doesn’t recognize that there is no connection between so called illegal guns (i.e. illegal by ATF fiat) and gun violence.


that artical is spot on the the penney,iwas raised under the statutes of way back when,and i do still respect and live by them and WILL not conform to the MOD SQUAD of the modern generation and hold no remorse at all if bad things happen to them,they deserve what ever the get as they go down,that is for sure


The intended purpose of the 2nd Amendment, in my opinion, is to preserve the ability of the people to protect themselves from government (the “well regulated militia” phrase in the opening words of the 2nd Amendment) and not about civilian crime control as is often interpreted these days.


Self defense is a side effect and a good one


The recent ATF rulings are aimed at turning law abiding gun owners into felons so they can confiscate their firearms and ban them from voting. Convince me I am wrong.