Hot afternoon’s shooting

First shots with the ATI Firefly 22LR 1911clone. Put 100 rods through it straight
out of the box and only two misfeeds. Nice little gun to practice with. Shots are a little scattered because I was seeing how fast I could get the gun up, out and a shot off.


That’s decent shooting and a nice piece of hardware.

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how is this a 1911 clone ? not knocking you out or being rude , just trying to understand that name.


That’s how the manufacturer called it. It does Have the beaver tail and is single stack, hammer fired not striker and it generally looks like a 1911.


Nice shooting! Gun looks more like a Sig clone to me, but if it goes bang, I usually enjoy it.


Right out of the box… did you clean the packing/manufacture lube/grease off the firearm?

You’ll have fewer malfunctions after it’s first cleaning and maybe even a bit more accuracy.

Have fun and it looks like a nice firearm. :slight_smile:


@William191 Hopefully the misfeeds are because the firearm is new… because to be honest I would not want a firearm that consistently misfeeds that often. Just sayin’.
I have been thinking about a .22 for my son. I am considering the Glock 44 (I own one already) or the Taurus TX22… I think we (me) all would appreciate it if you could keep us up to date about the ATI. I would possibly consider it as a choice.
Really cool looking firearm. Congrats!!!

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This offering by ATI looks more like a 1911… it’s the ATI GSG M1911 22lr… $269 at Palmetto State Armory.


Nice looking piece of hardware.

sweet , it doesn’t look like a 1911 model to me but is a nice handgun glad you had fun with this beauty .

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Hi and thanks. Like I said I was shooting it straight out of the box, didn’t clean or oil it. I don’t know, 2 misfeeds out of 100 rds ain’t bad to my thinking. I’ve since cleaned and oiled and I am using Blazer ammo.

What got me was break down lever. Very, very stiff to fully rotate and was a b@tch to get it to move out of the fully open position. Ripped a fingernail on it. Put a cleaning pad or two under my thumb and was able to get it to move. I heard it gets better with use.

It’s supposed to rain the next few days. After that I’ll put another 100 rds thru it and let y’ Know how it went.


About 10 years ago Sig imported them as a training gun compared to P226. 1911 is a litttllle bit different but if your practicing, call it a banana if you feel like it. Good for you, keep practicing Remember “slow is smooth, smooth is fast”.! USCCA and NRA instructor and retailer/gunsmith, been shooting since the mid 1970’s.


You may want to try different brands, weights and styles of ammo to see if the FTF goes away. For the first few hundred/thousand rounds I would just get familiar with it and let it get broken in. After that start experimenting with the different ammo to see what it likes best.
Congratulations on the new purchase!

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Hi everyone,

It’s been busy around the house. Mom is adding a room to move into with us.

Update on the Firefly jamming. Put another 100 rounds thru it. Had about 10 jams and stove pipes. I think most of that is due to my gripe. Tried some close retention shooting, walking in and out and just target shooting. Could have been the ammo too, Blazer 22LR.

Even with the stove pipes and jamming, I’m liking this gun.
Turning the break down lever was easier today but still stiff. I like this gun even with its faults.

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