Hong Kong Protests

I’ve been watching the protests in Hong Kong with great interest. The protesters, who are wanting freedom and democracy, are risking their lives against a repressive government who has well armed police and military forces at their command. The freedom protesters are only armed with rocks, laser pointers and the desire to be free.

The 2nd amendment talks about, “…the security of a free state.” In out never ending debate with the party that wishes to control everything, kind of like the Chinese government, we must press this point. It’s not about hunting, weapons ment only for military use, or any other argument the anti-gunners bring up. It’s about SECURING the freedoms we cherish.

I laughed out loud while listening to a NPR report lamenting the fact that the unarmed protesters must face a well armed military and police force. EXACTLY!


Good topic,

Why are not the British supplying them guns and ammo?

This is their mess and they need to clean it up. China does not want to keep their terms and the people want democracy.


We need to keep Hong Kong in the public eye because that is the only thing protecting those protesters from being on the wrong end of a brutal crack down. As Americans we also owe them a huge debt of thanks for showing us how far the Chinese government will go to silence critics in the U.S (NBA, Apple, Nike, etc).


It reminds me my home situation in 1980’s. We did the same, having rocks, hope, desire to be free… and there was a Pope on our side as well !

Media will never understand this.


I’d love to hear your story if you’re willing to share.


This article gives a general idea of what’s going on in Hong Kong right now.


To those who think the 2nd is about regulating the militia vs individual rights, it’s a good thing those Hong Kong protestors have their Gov’t backed militia with their guns there to support them and their rights…oh wait…:roll_eyes:


I make it short… I hate long stories…

1918 - Poland got Freedom and became Republic again
1945 after WW II Soviet’s non officially occupancy started (our “best friends”:smiling_imp:)
1960’s - people started fighting for freedom
1981 - 1983 - Martial law established in Poland (officially to prevent Soviet’s invasion, truth was to crush political opposition). People were arrested, protestants were killed. Phones were disconnected, schools suspended, mail censored. Travelling between cities was forbidden. Everything except Communist Party was criminalized.

We fought against paramilitary police (ZOMO). Regular Army stayed aside. Ready, but they didn’t know whose side is the right one. Eventually they picked people’s side.

This 2 years period looked like this:
sw1 sw2 sw3 sw4 sw5 sw6 sw8 sw7

Thanks to Pope (John Paul II) and our hope, we ended up with kind of settlement good for both sides.

sw11 sw12 sw13 sw14

1990’s - “Republic of Poland” again, free Country without Soviet’s influence. Free media, free elections. Better, but not normal (yet) life.
2000’s - fastest economically growing Country in Europe…

NOW - this is what we fought for:
Normal Country
pl1 pl2 pl3 pl4 pl5 pl6

Normal life:
pl22 pl23 pl24 pl26 pl25

[none of the pictures are mine, all taken from Polish websites. However all of these were seen by my own eyes]


Też jestem Polakiem, dziękuję za lekcję historii

(I am Polish too, thank you for the history lesson)


I’m impressed :wink:


Don’t be too impressed - Google Translator. :wink:


Really? :unamused:

At the first moment I thought you’ve got Polish employee at USCCA :wink:
But… everything counts… smart people know where to look for help :+1:


I’ve been watching the protests, I have international programming and get the real communist news from CGTN China Global Television Network.

Seen many protesters wearing Guy Fawkes masks.


Very moving story. I have a friend who got out of Czechoslovakia when the communist came in. He and his friend headed for Austria. His friend was shot and killed during the attempt. Lou, my friend, enlisted in the USAF, later becoming an officer in the Army. He knew the value of freedom and the high cost of keeping it.


I’m about 90% polish and 10% Irish. Two of my grandparents came from Poland and two were second generation in the US.

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Found this picture of a 100+ year old Armenian women defending her home. Probably a real assault rifle!


I was lucky, no harm to me and my Family. Just tough life. My cousin escaped to Yugoslavia (yes… there was such country :wink:) where USA got refugee camp. She spent few months there and were moved to USA :muscle:

Even I’m not Vet, I proudly wear T-Shirt “Freedom Is Not For Free”. I earn this freedom differently…


You know, my friend may have been from Yougoslovia. My mind grows fuzzy with each passing decade. And you are right. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. I would add that it’s not to ne taken for granted.


All former Russian territories had guns at each household. They had to fight with Soviet Army.
I know Poland got lucky, because we destroyed communism in our land without Army. We had Soviet MIlitary Units next to western border, but never had military conflict with Russia.( I think we were too close to US zone at Western Europe). We had casualties but not like others.
Yugoslavia came through war with 140.000 deaths, Chechnya - 80,000 killed…, Kosovo - 2,000 killed.
Probably you can find dozen pictures of kids defending their homes with Parents… :pensive:

Oh… different World… I’m so glad being here…


We are lucky to have you and all the others who understand what freedom really means.