Freedom is not free

FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. This is a well know quote , particularly amongst us gun owners and supporters of the RKBA.
We need to keep it in mind and be prepared to stand up, by any legal means necessary, to the insurrectionists and their supporters who attempted to overthrow our democratic form of government and harm our elected representatives, including the VP of the USA on Jan. 6


And all this time I thought it was a Republic…

Honestly, I would not worry too much about the people on Jan 6, they did not really do that much. Plus, current occupant says you need nukes and F-15’s to fight the gubment. :grinning:


I’m much more concerned about the folks that are not writing & calling their reps about 2nd amendment issues that are important to us all. Millions of firearm owners should be at least half of those folks doing so.


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