Honest Question to LEO - Do they purposely ignore stuff?

There is a park not far from my place, it’s been there for a long long time. It’s right at the edge of downtown Salt Lake. Pioneer park has been a know drug and crime ridden park for 50 years. The homeless camp there, drugs are openly sold and used.

I could post more articles. It’s well known. Not a secret. Today I drove by on the way home and there it was same old same old. Here’s the weird part about it, there are NO Zero NADA No Cops anywhere in sight, not within 3 blocks of the place.

So the question I have for our LEO members “Do the Police Departments purposely ignore some areas?” Do they just let crimes occur and cover their eyes? I’m almost convinced that they let it occur there.

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I will preface this by saying I am not/ never was a LEO.

LEO’s have been defunded
LEO’s have been disrespected
LEO’s have been vilified by the media
LEO’s do their jobs, only to see criminals and repeat offenders walk due to liberal DA’s that won’t prosecute
LEO’s do their jobs, only to see the justice system pass weak sentences that quickly put repeat criminals back on the streets.

I am sure I have missed many points. Help me out LEO’s.


If they appear to be purposefully ignoring issues, they better have long-term solutions in the pipeline.

I live in a small city, about 1/8 the size of SLC, with an average homicide rate of roughly one every 10 years.

We used to have a gang problem that has been cleaned up. There was a time when it seemed like troublemakers were untouchable and… being ignored.

Those days are gone.

Average Joes and their kids are encouraged to take photos with K-9 officers. There is an effort to have an active social media presence.

Homeless encampments are conveniently located on the other side of the County line because there is an impression that the local PD don’t buy in to California’s silly sanctuary city protections.

What’s your perception on citizens’ relationship with SLC PD?


Yes, LEO’s ignore stuff. The Federal Courts have indicated that LEOs do not have a duty to protect individuals, such as those who have Protection From Abuse Orders. The officers are free to exercise discretion in enforcing laws or taking action. Plus, you have the issues of non-cooperation from citizens; efforts to “defund” the Police, and efforts to do away with “qualified immunity,” a Court created protection. It’s no wonder few want to go into law enforcement today and that officers exercise their discretion.


In many cases the politicians sitting in charge “white shirts” are telling the rank and file officers what to “ignore” for political reasons. :unamused:


I haven’t experienced that where I live fortunately. But I have seen it first hand when working in SoCal. Lots of blatantly drug infested areas with used needles everywhere and fancy new SUVs coming and going from shacks and fenced compounds on the outskirts of small cities and towns. I’ve never seen an LEO enter these areas. Though you can occasionally see them patrolling the edges.

I once found a pistol on the ground while surveying an area outside of a town in CA. It looked pretty sketchy lying on a notebook/journal so I called it into the project manager and had him call the police and tell them to get there ASAP since it was next to an old abandoned building where high school kids obviously partied fairly regularly. Went back the next morning to make sure someone got it and the pistol was still lying there. The Sheriffs dept finally sent someone out later that next afternoon.

My town doesn’t have any dedicated law enforcement but if I called in an abandoned firearm where kids could get it I’m quite certain the county Sheriff would have someone there within 30 minutes maybe an hour tops if things were really busy. I have no idea what is going on in CA. Guess the politicians are keeping the police too busy chasing after otherwise law abiding citizens who might be accidentally breaking the thousands of senseless anti self defense laws they have there.


Unfortunately, Salt Lake City is the Liberal bastion of Utah.

This is the crap we get from the “Officials”

Our Ultra Left Mayor and lap dog police chief love to get in front of cameras and talk about how nice the park is…
Kind of interesting, Saturday mornings they have a large farmers market over there, we walk over and get some pretty good local stuff there. During the Farmers Market there are no homeless, no drug dealers, no druggies etc. But within an hour of the vendors leaving they riff raff is back.


Homeless Funding, millions and millions of dollars, I’m talking like 50-100 million bucks in the last year or two. Like you said, if there are no homeless there wouldn’t be $100 million bucks for the politicians to dip their greedy little paws into.


If you were a policeman in our existing situation and stepped out of the box you would be in deep zhit. Of course law abiding citizens are in the Wild West. Turds are becoming more and more brazen.

maybe a few mercs with a some magnum force police officers sprinkles on top are needed.
PS: it is possible because some places wanted a private law enforcement

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All the more reason to be your own first responder. Law enforcement isn’t what is was back in the mid-70s.

They are probably upgrading the valet parking and adding higher quality soap to the non-gender bathrooms! At least it’s not San Francisco, where the open buffet includes free syringes and meth/crack pipes.
Best time to be a homeless addict and worst time to be a LEO! Wait, isn’t that the first line of a famous novel. Yes, of course, “A Tale of Blue Cities”


I am a retired LEO. Do I feel that LEOs purposely ignore some things. In my honest opinion, YES. Most LEOs now just want to do there shifts and go home to their families. The way things are these days people are afraid to call the police because they will get death threats by the people they call on. If there are homeless people and report of drug activity the police may say to themselves, not me I’m not going over there because there may be weapons or even hypodermic needles, I might get bitten by one of the homeless people or they may stick me with a needle and I can catch AIDS. Sometimes the LEOs commanding officers may tell them it’s dangerous their so use your discretion when possible. There also may be higher crime areas that they are posted at. They may be under manned at the station house that they work and only answer priority calls. I can go on and on. These officers did take an oath and IMHO I feel they want to keep it, but their hands are tied right now. Also the criminals on the streets have better guns than they do. In a split second they can lose their lives. I’m not saying all people disrespect and hate LEOs, but the majority of people do. If your own countries leadership wants to defund them and do not care about them, why should they risk their lives. So to summarize this, yes LEOs may overlook some conditions that may be a danger to them, but it is only a handful of them, the majority of LEOs do a great job and should be commended for what they do.


I have to disagree with this statement Johnny. I think the VAST majority of people want AND respect police. Maybe where cops spend the majority of their time (ie. high crime areas) people might dislike them, and maybe the media makes it appear as if people don’t like them, and of course the regime doesn’t like them, but these three groups are the minority. Real Americans (the majority) want law & order, and know that law enforcement is the ONLY way to accomplish this. Law enforcement includes prosecuting violators, and putting them away when found guilty. This is out of the LEO’s hands.

Thank you for your service!


I agree with you but just by my experience and what cops are going through right now and seeing how the news portrays them that’s why I feel the way that I do. you are right and I just get upset at the few that hate police. But yet those are the ones who call the police.


I understand. These are unprecedented times in our history. We HAVE to stand together, make ourselves be heard, and send these usurpers packing. Be loud, be proud, and take our Constitution back! November is going to be the lynch-pin to make this happen, or we are lost.