Home Away from Home Safety

When my kids were younger we traveled to San Francisco for a vacation. As we were getting packed to leave for the airport, we realized that one of the kids’ DS handheld game systems was gone. It was there when we got there, he remembered where he put it when we got into the room and when he went to get it three days later it was gone.

We had no “proof” that it was in the room, so the hotel did nothing about the stolen game system. After that trip, anything of value was locked in the room safe. While I was annoyed with the hotel, I was very glad that the stolen game system was the worst that happened.

Here are some great safety tips for your hotel.

What steps do you take to make sure you’re safe when you travel?

Never take a ground floor room,
Always ask for a room on floors 2 through 4, this prevents ground level break-ins and most fire department ladders can reach not higher than the 4th floor.

I take my GunBox Echo, put my firearm inside and then the Echo goes in the hotel safe. The hotel safes have a master access code in the event one forgets the code they selected. Double safe storing my gun just gives me more peace of mind.


I’ve thought about that as well, but need to get a smaller safe that will fit into my hotel safe. Right now I use a trigger lock which will stop them from firing it, but not from stealing it. :confused:

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